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HCA is a For Profit Enterprise. Nurses are waay overworked, in an effort to maximize the bottom line..unsafe pt/RN ratio

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at Hca-Hospital Corporation of America in Nashville, TN at the time of review.

What I like

The opportunity for a good income is very possible, overtime is easy to get, due to short staffing much of the time.

What I dislike

New nurses are rarely given constructive criticism, due to the highly sensitive nature of the millennial generation. In an effort to avoid holding individuals accountable, things are overlooked, ignored, or simply not addressed at all. Money is spent on things that are extremely underutilized. Teaching tablets in patient rooms have no Spanish Speaking Option. All of the discharge paperwork is also English, with no Spanish speaking printable option. Patients and family members get little to no rest, due to the constant interruption by hospital employees all day long. Dietary is in and out.of rooms upwards of 12 times a day, housekeeping knocks on each door several times a day, hourly rounding, leadership rounds, hearing screen, photographer, nursing staff, and Doctors floating in and out virtually impossible for pts to rest. Our floor consists of new mother's and babies... many of which are exhausted from many hours of labor and/or having had a C-section. The inability to rest interferes with breast feeding, overall wellbeing, and many times causes the mother and/or father to have an all out meltdown, due to sheer exhaustion

Suggestions for improvement

Lower nurse/patient ratio, callback pay, reprioritize true patient care, making it department specific..( hourly rounding is appropriate for patients on a medical floor, but constant traffic in and out of mother/baby rooms is frustrating for the patients, and prevents them from resting.)Spanish speaking options should be available to patients that are Spanish Speaking only, and/or prefer Spanish documents. An on-site gym/ workout room would be great. Better/ healthier good options for staff

Inclusive / Diverse

Not so much

Office / Work Environment

The computers are very old, chairs not ergonomic, rooms too crowded, not separate spaces in rooms for staff to wash hands,

Workplace Safety

New nurses have less and less training, no experience, and most have millennial mentality..... incapable of accepting constructive criticism.

Company Image

It's close to where I live

Career Development

Not really

Challenging Work

Way too many unrealistic expectations

Company Culture

Internal Communication


Work-Life Balance

Support from management

Freedom to work independently

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security