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Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at HCA in Aurora at the time of review.

What I like

Job security.

What I dislike

The blatent disregard for your personal time, like getting off on time or making you come early or regular scheduled cases on the weekend with the call team.

Suggestions for improvement

Pay bonus for call shifts over 7. Pay employees retention bonus. Staff is leaving right and left. Staff wants 2 things, time with family, or money.

Company Culture

Patient centered, patient and family focused. Procedure outcome and evidence based medicine.


Our team is Awesome. Helpful and supportive.

Work-Life Balance

It's healthcare, patients come first. It is a business now and staff is just a way to make money. The call burden really makes it difficult to have a good work life balance. The hours are ever changing. When it's busy they expect you stay late with no notice and when it's slow, they send you home with no pay! They use you anyway they want and if you speak up, well, it's best not to.

Support from management

It depends on the problem. Management is in a sandwich situation, upper dictates what will happen, and staff sees the reality of how it can't happen.

Freedom to work independently

We work as a team.

Gender Equality

I have no real information on this. But I haven't been exposed to any problems.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Management asks for input from the most experienced staff. We have 5 staff with over 35 years of experience. 3 with 20 to 25 years experience.

Office / Work Environment

It's COLD where I work, but equipment needs to be happy to work. Otherwise we have a good environment, safety is good here.

Workplace Safety

The hospital provides lead aprons and shielding.

Overall compensation for your work

Call pay is somewhat low. $4 an hour, you must be within 30 minutes. Call burden is heavy.

Career Development

They pay for continued college education.

Challenging Work

It can be very busy, or very slow. Really never just steady. It's rush, rush, rush, or go home.

Internal Communication

Inclusive / Diverse

Environmental Friendliness

Job Security

Company Image