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I love my job. I love the actual work of oncology nursing. My co workers are truly amazing creatures.HCA stinks.

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at Hca midwest in Kansas City, MO at the time of review.

What I like

Working at my inner city hospital is amazing. The patients I work within my field make all of my hard work incredibly rewarding. I work with tremendous coworkers who dedicate their lives to others.♡

What I dislike

More resources. More staff more space...higher paying jobs less expensive insurance ect ect ect..

Suggestions for improvement

More staff more space better insurance higher paying jobs more respect for what we do day in and day out...

Company Culture

I love my team.

Internal Communication

My hospital communicates well but hca does not care for its employees. It's the hospital corporation of America for a reason


Yes until upper management gets involved.

Work-Life Balance

Nope! Work until the work is done! The work is never done! No resources, no relief just keep working.

Support from management

Most if the time but their hands are tied to corporate.

Freedom to work independently

I am trusted in my position.

Inclusive / Diverse

Values diversity if it is in the budget.....

Gender Equality

Yes. Not sure if men are paid more than me though. My profession is mostly female.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I guess. They will work you until you can no longer work....

Office / Work Environment

Computers and machines required for my job are always down at some point

Environmental Friendliness

No! Used to be recycling bins everywhere!!!! HCA is no longer recycling! Its disgusting! They said it was bc of the new tariffs in China who buys all of our recycled goods...we are talking about thousands and thousands pounds of plastic each month now going into a landfield....

Handicapped Accessibility


Workplace Safety

I guess.

Overall compensation for your work

A little under average

Job Security


Company Image

I love my hospital but hate the large corporation that owns it I love my coworkers and our patients

Career Development

Growth and opportunity are available on your dime. Ie classes certifications ect...

Challenging Work

Oncology nursing is extremely difficult at time.