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Herff Jones:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Manufacturing
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Herff Jones experience report

  • 24.Jun 2018
  • Employee

Recommended for those seeking entry-level positions to gain experience, but don't expect growth of any kind


Suggestions for improvement

  • Employee morale was consistently decreasing. Employee turnover rates were steadily increasing at the time I left the company. The ways in which HJ could improve would be to simply trust their employees to do a good job. Try easing up on the amount of micromanaging that you do. Don't keep adding strict policies on top of the already unreasonable ones you enforce. And when you distribute plant-wide surveys, take action after receiving the responses. Remember: Actions speak louder than words. Lastly, invest in better equipment for your workforce. Investing in up-to-date software, hardware, and new office chairs will help employees fulfill their responsibilities and remain engaged in their work. They can only do so much when they're in pain from sitting in an old, beat up chair using slow computers, and wasting time filling out unnecessary paper forms. Just because something still works as it has in the past, it doesn't mean it's still the best way to do things. Instead, maybe it's time to update your processes. Thank you!

What I like about the company

I did have a new manager step in during my time there. He worked incredibly hard to get our department reasonable raises, fought for us to receive training on new up-and-coming software, and treated us with respect. He was quick to thank the employees who performed well and did so sincerely. He exemplified a true leader and inspired me to learn more about management and leadership myself. It was upsetting to see such great people like this individual get fired for trying to better employee work conditions. It's thanks to leadership like his that people work hard. Replacing them with Yes-Man isn't recommended.

What I dislike about the company

Many employees brought similar complaints to upper management and HR. No changes were ever made. At the very least, small changes were made, but only after long periods of time went by and nothing drastic enough for employees to feel better about the issues at hand. Employees had great ideas, great work ethics, great performance reviews, yet they were reprimanded for silly things like punching in a millisecond late.

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