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Hewlett Packard 

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If you want to grow not only as a person but your mind, I’d suggest working with HP!

EmployeeWorked at HP in Boise, ID at the time of review.

What I like

When ever you have questions, issues or need guidance, your supervisors always are there to help! No matter the issue. Dealing with complex materials every day gets hard. But no without a doubt the staff will walk you step by step through the process’s of anything you need help with. I love my job and will forever have a place to call my home because of this company. We are all family

What I dislike

I wish that we were allotted more breaks along with a better break room that is more comfortable.

Suggestions for improvement

I would allow much more leisure time for employees who work 10 hour-13 hour shifts. Would also redo the break room an make it more home like along with stress free to let go of a stressful day of work

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