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What work life balance? You better live here and want to move up or they don't want you.

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Administration at Highmark in Pittsburgh, PA at the time of review.

What I like

They pay me.

What I dislike

The overall attitude of management, the cheapness, the lack of recognition. "We hire above average people, so above average work is average."

Suggestions for improvement

Hire more people across the board, increase pay, give better health insurance options. increase the size of the cubes/work areas. Improve the bathrooms, and cubes in general.

Company Culture

They are all about saving/making money, and getting customer/government reviews. Top management gets big bucks, everyone else has to live like their neighbors. They want everyone giving more than 100%, but don't recognize nor appreciate it.

Internal Communication

We get all the rah rah propaganda crap, but little to no information about hires/fires/transfers. No one knows who to contact with questions outside their silo.


Only when they need your or your work product. If you don't have VP in front of your name, good luck getting questions answered or data files.

Work-Life Balance

Work should be your life, right? Only people who work 60+ hours per week get decent raises or promotions; everyone else gets dinged and little to no raise or recognition.

Support from management

Only if you make them look good and meet their goals.

Freedom to work independently

You better do exactly what they say, the way they said to do it, before they want it. Do not be original or think outside their box.

Inclusive / Diverse

There are more non English speakers than English speakers now, so I guess that is good.

Gender Equality

There are plenty of female employees, but not in key/important positions unless they slept their way there.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Old people have lives, get paid more and want to work 40 hours/week, so they get crap assignments and pressured to move on.

Office / Work Environment

Work spaces are getting smaller and smaller, often too loud in the work area to hold phone conversations with customers. Bathrooms are dated and frequently not functioning. But big shots have nice big fancy offices and private toilets.

Workplace Safety

The security people on the main floor don't look like they could stop anyone. Each floor is supposed to have floor wardens and a dozen people to help with emergencies; most floors have no one identified, and almost none have a full roster identified.

Overall compensation for your work

It was good to start, but the raises and bonuses ( when there are any ) are pitiful and insulting.

Job Security

If you don't have a skill they want, they will look for any excuse to get rid of you.

Company Image

Image to those outside the company is everything, so they tell you what to say to friends and family. We are never told negative news, we usually have to hear about it from outside sources.

Career Development

It is not what you know, it is who you know, or sleep with.

Challenging Work

They expect you to learn new skills outside of work, and there is way too much work to get done in normal working hours. They have little to no budget for internal or external training, so you have to learn on your own or get dinged for not being more efficient or effective on new software or with new procedures.

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility