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Hirschvogel Automotive Group:What's it like to work here?

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Hirschvogel Automotive Group experience report

  • 04.Aug 2018
  • Employee

Dismal culture, horrific management


Suggestions for improvement

  • Hirschvogel has never really been successful in the U.S., having only a few of its 30 years of operation in the black, and it never will be successful as long as it is being managed the way it is out of Germany. For whatever reason, the particular group of Germans that make up the deciding portion of the leadership of Hirschvogel are especially arrogant and condescending. Instead of striving to build a strong infrastructure of team work and collaboration, they tend to dictate and blindly deflect blame away from themselves.

What I like about the company

As a result, the root causes of issues are rarely determined and consequently the appropriate measures to correct the issues are never made. Because of this, the company is in a constant state of firefighting. It is always trying to fix the same issues by first blaming and demeaning the local plant personnel, followed by sending their team of “experts” for a few weeks to change everything around, most often causing a whole new set of issues, and then to return home patting each other on the back for being such great lords of the universe. Like clockwork, either the same issues surface again because they never fixed them, or new ones arise because of their disjoined patch job repairs. Also like clockwork, they start the whole cycle of blaming and demeaning first all over again. In some parts of the world talent may endure this but not so much in America, where the very foundation of the culture rests on an abhorrence of such tyranny.

What I dislike about the company

So talent leaves, and quite rapidly. Their turn over is incredibly high and it is certainly on the rise. One would think that this, couple with the fact that they have never really made any money, paired with the reality that most Germany companies in the U.S. do incredibly well, would communicate to the top management that maybe they are doing something horribly wrong and they obviously have no clue how to correct it. Unfortunately their egos are unable to bare this level of accountability so they resort to what is least painful, just blame the plant or the country’s culture, or anything else but the truth. Hence, this is why unlike so many thousands of other manufacturing companies who flourish in the U.S., Hirschvogel will not. It is such a shame too because there are so many talented individuals at the plant working their fingers to the bone to try to fix what they can never repair…horrific leadership!

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