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Hollywood Presbyterian Medicical Group Inc:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Hospital & Health Care
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Hollywood Presbyterian Medicical Group Inc experience report

  • 17.Dec 2018
  • Employee

Management does not care about the employees, only about hcahp scores. HR ignores your complaints and hopes you forget.


Suggestions for improvement

  • Remodel the old building so it doesn’t look so old. Treat the employees with more respect. Hold the doctors more accountable.

What I like about the company

My coworkers all seem normal and we get along pretty well for the most part. The cafeteria food isn’t that bad either. The major problem is the management and HR not doing their jobs and sometimes putting their work on you.

What I dislike about the company

Management needs to do a better job. The employees are not happy and it has been made well known to HR but nothing has been done about it. Some people were even told if they don’t like it then maybe they should think about finding another job. I think overall the company is good to work for because of the amount of paid time off that is able to be accrued but the management treats you like garbage making it a tough decision to keep putting up with or not. The blame is passed around and you are not defended. The doctors also mistreat employees and yell at us when we request they follow certain protocols but nothing is done about it. Management gave the excuse that it’s mostly the older doctors so once they retire it shouldn’t be as big a problem, but is that fair to everyone else. Why should they be allowed to not follow certain rules and then it causes anxiety and trouble for employees who have to then try and talk to them knowing they will be yelled at or talked down to. The company does not fix any problems they try to ignore them. Also the building looks run down. They keep trying to just paint and think it will look better but that isn’t going to work, everything looks old. Hopefully once the new building is done they will think of remodeling the old building with more than just paint because no patient wants to be treated in an area they think is old and dirty.

Company Culture
Support from management
Freedom to work independently
Internal Communication
Gender Equality
Attitude towards older colleagues
Career Development
Overall compensation for your work
Office / Work Environment
Environmental Friendliness
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Company Image
Job Security
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The following benefits were offered to me

Parking is offered Easy access to public transportation is offered 401(k) is offered 401(k) Match is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered Life insurance is offered
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    Hollywood Presbyterian Medicical Group Inc
  • City
    Los Angeles
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    Current employee
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The following perks were offered to me

On site cafeteria is offered Employee discounts is offered