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Worked for over 35 years. I advanced thru the years into upper management and it’s there I discovered how inept they are

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Honeywell Aerospace Inc. in Phoenix, GA.

What I like

The people and the challenge that comes with working for a high tech company.

What I dislike

How upper management treats employees

Suggestions for improvement

Give Managers the resources to allow their teams to be successful. Make managers accountable for employee development and compensate more appropriately. A good employee can maybe get a 2% annual raise which is absurd. Typically the company prefers that 10% of your staff gets zero raises regardless of performance.

Company Culture

Culture is about favoritism, nepotism and popularity if you want success.

Internal Communication

As with every Corp, communication is basic lip service, rarely truthful.


The employees are some of the best anywhere. They’ve been groomed to do more with less

Work-Life Balance

They talk a good game. A VP had an employee return from vacation early to support a meeting. Another employee was told at the last minute they couldn’t go on vacation by the same VP.

Support from management

This depends on the Manager. Some are good while others do their best to manage their careers and not their people.

Freedom to work independently

As long as the work got done there wasn’t too much concern.

Inclusive / Diverse

They’ve gotten better but too many managers have their favorites who seem to get away with stuff that others are disciplined for.

Gender Equality

Gender doesn’t seem to matter. Get the work done, get along with team members, and nobody cares about gender

Attitude towards older colleagues

Employees look up to the older employees to help, train, and navigate the corporate soup. Many older employees mentor the younger employees because management rarely does.

Office / Work Environment

I always felt comfortable with the environment.

Environmental Friendliness

Seems Honeywell is average as many companies are.

Handicapped Accessibility

I’m not handicapped but many with disabilities are employed at Honeywell. Accommodations to support them are evident.

Workplace Safety

I always felt safe but was surprised to see a pizza delivery guy walking the halls alone one early evening. Visibly wearing badges and protecting information is an afterthought for many

Overall compensation for your work

I was ok with my compensation but for employees it’s pitiful. I could write a book about their MRR review cycles and processes, 9 block ratings (a huge joke) and once a manager determines what an employee will receive, HR or senior leadership forces you to change it.

Job Security

Unless you’re well connected to senior leadership, job security does not exist.

Company Image

Their image is good but it’s resting on its laurels from former companies Sperry Flight Systems and AirResearch. The joke for the eventual merger of Honeywell and Allied Signal was the new name could have been Honey, Well, I Lied.

Career Development

Tuition reimbursement for advanced degrees is excellent. In house training has mostly gone to online. Watch the video or view the slides and you are declared “trained”.

Challenging Work

The exceptional team members and challenge is what kept me there for so long. Do more with less is required but many of the challenges will task you mentally. I enjoyed that part. 35 years and I can’t say I was bored very often.