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Temp / Contractor

What I like

I early retired & management allowed me to work less hours. Anytime I need to leave for doctor appts is understood & allowed. We don't get paid for lost time cause this job is managed through Kelly Temp Services.

What I dislike

Better wages would be helpful & to get paid for holiday's.

Suggestions for improvement

None at this time.


pretty much everyone works together others dont pull their share

Work-Life Balance

Company works well with individuals when problems arise that need to be taken in a different direction like early retirement working part time hours.

Support from management

favoritism is played too much

Freedom to work independently

No supervision needed-I work work by myself with trainer.

Inclusive / Diverse

Too much favoritism.

Environmental Friendliness

There are several shred-it containers placed around warehouse.

Overall compensation for your work

Pay is very low for all the responsibility we do.

Job Security

I'm a good employee & do the best job I can. I'm dependable to be on time & not call in tardiness nor illness.

Career Development

Needs to be more cross-training.

Company Culture

Internal Communication

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Office / Work Environment

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Company Image

Challenging Work