Indiana University Health: What's it like to work here?

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I love what I do and the people I work with. we work hard but have a good time doing it. If only we were paid more money

EmployeeWorked at Indiana University Health, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN at the time of review.

What I like

Our hospital recognizes workers for outstanding work and patient care. The unit I work on specifically does a wall of recognition every quarter. And our unit works really well together- when an emergency happens, we really pull together

What I dislike

the pay that we receive is absurdly lower than surrounding hospitals.

Suggestions for improvement

i would make all the bathrooms have automatic lighting to conserve energy, and make the public bathrooms have automatic water too. more recycling containers would be nice too. also the pay minimum needs to be increased

Company Culture

we like to be together at work or outside

Internal Communication

overall we are notified of things happening in the hospital on a weekly basis


true statement

Work-Life Balance

the unit i work on requires call shifts so work-life balance is hard because you work a normal week and then have to be prepared to work even more.

Freedom to work independently

we are trusted to work solo and believed to ask for help when we feel like we need it.

Inclusive / Diverse


Gender Equality

women are offered cents less than men because of their strength

Attitude towards older colleagues


Environmental Friendliness

we have recycling and some automatic lighting but i would love to see more automatic lighting and water

Workplace Safety

we work with the public so there is always a risk. but we are trained on active shooters and how to always be aware of exits when we are in a room

Overall compensation for your work

we make significantly less than other hospital workers in the area. we have insurance but it's not the best.

Challenging Work

we critically think every shift to help other people. it's hard work that is so rewarding

Support from management

Office / Work Environment

Handicapped Accessibility

Job Security

Company Image

Career Development