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Industrial StaffingIndustrial StaffingIndustrial Staffing

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Company summary


Industrial Staffing Services Inc., a nationally Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), is a global full service staffing company specializing in the industrial and technical fields.

ISSI is a comprehensive leader in People Solutions. As a service-centric staffing, business consulting, and payroll services company we are a trusted partner to our candidates, clients, and employees.

ISSI has repeatedly been selected by major corporations to enhance their diversity spend programs and deliver staffing services.

East Brunswick, NJ – February 16th, 2017 – Industrial Staffing Services Inc, ...
ISSI Charity Committee runs a Great Event
We are 10 Days away from the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk and we...
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Company info

Who we are

Products, services


In today’s challenging economic environments, it is vital to the success of people and companies to maintain flexibility and retain viable options for Talent Management. While business needs and trends are moving at unprecedented speeds, and it is critical to have a trusted partner that can provide the quality of people with the correct qualifications when and where you need them.

Industrial is a leader within the staffing Industry on a national level across a variety of staffing verticals. By being flexible and dynamic, we are able to provide the highest level of talent across the entire staffing spectrum. We find people and talent, and provide them to our customers on:

  • Short term, temporary, or per diem assignments
  • Long term contract positions
  • Temp to hire basis
  • Permanent Placement / Direct Hire / Executive Search

Company outlook


VISION: Empowering people by connecting them with employment opportunities and enhancing value in our universe.

MISSION: To create value in every interaction, with all entities, by providing the highest levels of service, while staffing the universe one person at a time.



Our people are our most valuable assets. As such, we work very hard to ensure that our people are always satisfied.

At Industrial, we have a very competitive benefit program for our employees. Within this section of our Employee Resource Center, you will be able to obtain information and the basic forms to enroll in our benefits programs. If you should have any additional questions, we have our in house team of experts ready to take your calls and personally assist you.

Within this section, you will find information on our:


  • 25 Kennedy Blvd
    East Brunswick, NJ, 08816

For applicants

Who we are looking for

Preferred skills


Depends on positions which are available

What we offer

What is special about working for us?


Industrial Staffing Services Inc. strives to be a trusted partner to our candidates, employees, and clients. Whatever your specific needs and goals may be, ISSI is a reliable solution and a unique and sharable total information hub.

Our clients fill the spectrum, from single practitioner offices, warehouse environments, to global technology conglomerates as well as everything in between. The only thing they have in common is that they all turn to INDUSTRIAL for their staffing needs.

Whether you need a temporary worker to fill in for an employee on temporary leave, staff an entire team, or you need to outsource the payroll and human resources functions for a special project or your entire organization, we can tailor a program that can met your needs and exceed your expectations of what a staffing agency can do.

We are organized and designed to provide our clients with experienced, specialized Staffing Teams, ready to go to work for you to fill your job requirements. Each team is expert in its area, and cross linked with the others to provide flexible and rapid response coverage no matter if you are looking to fill one position or set up an entire working unit.

At ISSI we have an in-house payroll and billing process which provides unmatched flexibility for our clients and candidates. This works hand in hand with our comprehensive benefits program, our rapid payment options, and our billing schedules. With an internationally renowned staffing program for clients of all sizes and a unique, state of the art proprietary payroll service program we are able to offer a complete solution.

How would we describe the company culture?


A good organization can fill a niche. A great organization grows and evolves. We like to think of INDUSTRIAL as that great organization; one that partners with our clients to create solutions to their problems, and works hand in hand with them to deliver beyond expectations.

Application advice

Expectations of applicants


We understand that people are the most important part of our business, and that by keeping people satisfied, they can excel as top performers. With this sentiment in mind, we strive to make sure that all of our candidates and employees are well educated to all of our programs and have a full understanding of our good business practices.

By providing a full information center to our candidates, we enable them to be fully prepared for any situation. Whether it is through resume building, practice interviews, skills assessments, training, or just keeping them fully informed, we make sure our people are the most qualified candidates available.

In addition, by immediately and personally answering and responding to all inquiries and issues, as well as providing flexible solutions to our candidates and employees, all of our people realize that they are a part of a productive team and continue returning to us time and time again.

Advice to applicants


People are our most important asset. We encourage all candidates looking for employment with Industrial to take full advantage of our free Resource Center.

Within our resource center, you will find a listing of our open jobs, a resume builder, best interview/work practices, our extensive benefit programs, and information about time input and payment.

Preferred application method



Here at Industrial Staffing Services Inc. we value our employees at the highest levels. We firmly believe that people are our most important asset. It is with this sentiment in mind, that we making getting paid, as easy as possible.

At ISSI, we run all of our payroll internally on our proprietary in-house system. This provides our employees with 3 major advantages to keep them satisfied.

Flexibility in getting paid – We run our payroll 7 days a week

Personable Customer Service – We have live people ready to assist you

Rapid Processing of Payments – Done when approved time cards are processed



INDUSTRIAL has a variety of methods of timekeeping. If you need assistance, please reach out to our Relationship Management Team, or our Payroll Department at



INDUSTRIAL Staffing Services, Inc. has a utilizes a state of the art DIRECT DEPOSIT program to make it easier and quicker for our employees to get paid.

In this program, money is wired directly into our employees bank account the day after their time cards are processed by INDUSTRIAL.

Please remember…

 It can take up to two weeks for the Bank to approve you for direct deposit. You will continue to be paid by check during this period.

If you are a INDUSTRIAL Employee and would like to participate in this program, please email our Payroll Department to get the ball rolling.



PNC Bank Locator

INDUSTRIAL Staffing Services, Inc. is proud of its ongoing relationship with PNC Bank.

Talk to a PNC representative to find out what PNC Bank has to offer you as a INDUSTRIAL Employee.

Locate a PNC Bank Branch near you.



While staying at the forefront of technology, and making it as convenient as possible for our employees, Industrial Staffing Services has established a partnership with Global Cash Card to help get our people paid faster, with more features and benefits.

If you want to get set up with a Global Cash Card, please fill out the form, and return it to Industrial. Global Cash Card Form (pdf)

What is Global Cash Card?

Global Cash Card is a bank card that allows us to deposit money into an account which is immediately accessible to you.

With our cash card, you are Guaranteed approval, with no bank account or credit check needed.

You will have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that ensures security, and will have instant access to funds from ATM’s worldwide. The Global Cash Card is accepted anywhere MC is accepted and at hundreds of thousands of ATM’s around the world.

Upon activating your new debit card, you can log into your account at, or call 1-888-220-4477 to speak to a customer service professional 24x7x365 at no charge. You can be notified via cell or email (or both – your choice) every time your card is loaded, debited, or falls below an amount that you determine, as well as view statements online.

Global Cash Card is an authorized representative of First Regional Bank. Go to for more information regarding the benefits and features of this card. All balances on your card are FDIC insured.

What are some Features that I get?

Free First Transaction per Pay Period – You are provided with one FREE transaction per pay period.

Account Alerts – Set up alerts and be notified when funds are loaded, debit or when your account falls below a specific dollar amount.

Bill Pay* – Pay bills online or via phone by calling 866-395-9200 Global Cash Card Rewards Program – Free enrollment in our “Cashback” rewards program. Receive up to 18% “Cashback” and up to 60% discounts on over 700 online merchants.

Add Cash * – Add money to your Prepaid MasterCard Card at over 40,000 MoneyGram and Western Union locations. You may also transfer from your checking account to your card, as well as from your card to checking account, via bank wire, etc.

Additional Cards – You can request additional ATM paycard cards for family members.

Global Cash Card Rewards Diamonds Clubs * – You now have access to these clubs which are priced up to 50% less than other clubs and provide you with Entertainment, Family Health Care Discounts, Roadside Assistance, and Legal Service benefits that can save you significant dollars.

If you want to get set up with a Global Cash Card, please fill out the form, and return it to Industrial. Global Cash Card Form (pdf)



Our people are our most valuable assets. As such, we work very hard to ensure that our people are always satisfied.

At Industrial, we have a very competitive benefit program for our employees. Within this section of our Employee Resource Center, you will be able to obtain information and the basic forms to enroll in our benefits programs. If you should have any additional questions, we have our in house team of experts ready to take your calls and personally assist you.

Within this section, you will find information on our:

Insurance Programs

Industrial Staffing Services Inc. strives to make sure all of our employees are satisfied with the benefits that we offer them. Because of our extensive array of employees, we offer a wide range of plans and options for their insurance needs, all available through payroll deduction programs. People are our most valuable asset, and we know that when people are satisfied, they perform better, and continue to work with us time and time again.

We offer the following under our extensive insurance programs:

Health InsuranceInternational Insurance

401(K) Plan, Administered Through Voya

As a valued employee of INDUSTRIAL Staffing Services, Inc., you are eligible to participate in the Industrial 401(k) Plan. This will allow you to invest money on a pre-tax basis and have it grow tax deferred until retirement. INDUSTRIAL will pay the full administrative cost of the plan. Every dollar you put into the plan will go into your account.

You may start participating 30 days after the start of your assignment. If you have money in a previous 401(k) plan, you will be able to immediately roll that money into this plan. You can defer from 2% to 15% of your income earned with INDUSTRIAL up to an IRS mandated maximum of $18,000 in 2016.

You will decide how your money will be invested. You will be able to choose among any, or all, of the following funds:

EuroPacific GrowthOppenheimer Global SecuritiesFidelity Advisor MidCapFranklin Balance SheetVP Index Plus MidCapAmerican Century UltraBaron GrowthT. Rowe Price Mid Cap ValueMFS Capital OpportunitiesOppenheimer Capital AppreciationFidelity VIP CintrafundAllianceBernstein Growth and Income

ING VP Index Plus LargeCapLord Abbett AffiliatedAmerican BalancedSolution Income PortfolioSolution 2015 PortfolioSolution 2025 PortfolioSolution 2035 PortfolioSolution 2045 PortfolioVP Intermediate BondFixed AccountVP Money Market

If you are interested, you can receive a more detailed description of the plan, a kit describing the funds in detail, investment results for the funds, an enrollment form and details on how to enroll. To obtain this package, please contact your Relationship Manager at INDUSTRIAL and an enrollment kit will be mailed to you, or contact our VOYA Representative, Karl Nelson at (201) 930-9449 to discuss the options available to you.

529 College Fund


Here at INDUSTRIAL, we know that saving for higher education can be a daunting task. Today’s average cost for a four-year education at a state college is about $50,000 and exceeds $100,000 for a private university. These costs are expected to more than double over the next 20 years. The challenge to save for these costs can be overwhelming, requiring a lot of careful planning and a high level of commitment.

As parents or grandparents, you want to be able to provide the benefit of higher education for your family. You may even be saving to continue your own higher education.

Alliance Capital

To help you plan and provide for these needs, INDUSTRIAL Staffing Services, Inc. has teamed with Alliance Capital to offer our employees a flexible, tax-advantaged 529 college savings program to help you manage the future. The CollegeBoundfund offers the following:

Tax-free earnings growth: There is no federal income tax due on any earnings while they are in the fund.
Tax-free distributions: Distributions for qualified education expenses made after December 31, 2001 are free of federal income tax. (1)
Any institution in the US: Your fund assets can be used at any 
accredited institution of higher learning in the US, as well as many foreign institutions.
No income limits: There are no income limits restricting who is eligible to participate.
Investment choice: You may choose from five investment options managed by Alliance Capital, one of the world’s leading investment managers.
High contribution limit: You can contribute to your fund account until the total account value equals $246,000 (contributions and earnings).

For most families, the key to funding higher education is to start saving early and to save regularly. With the our Employee Payroll Direct Deposit Program you can begin consistently saving for your children’s education. A small initial investment can get you started and weekly contributions of at least $10 into your account can make it even easier to maintain a regular investment program. You may also make additional contributions to your account at any time.

For more information, please visit the CollegeBoundfund web site.

INDUSTRIAL employees who wish to enroll will need the Enrollment Instruction Sheet found in the Employee Kit that was mailed to you for your Company UserID and Password.

If you have your password, go to CollegeBoundfundSM enrollment.

Need an Enrollment Instruction Sheet? Please contact Fran at INDUSTRIAL and an Enrollment Kit will be mailed to you.

Reviews for Industrial Staffing

Reviews - What employees say

4.33 Employees say
3.33 Applicants say
  • 03.Feb 2017
  • Employee

Company Culture

Minority-Owned and doing business with a clique

Support from management

Eventually you will get through, but don't count on a reply this week


Yeah. They "hand-off" over and over

Freedom to work independently

Not so much

Internal Communication

No info, just policy

Gender Equality

Yes, equal and tolerant

Attitude towards older colleagues

Yes, and they are appreciated

Career Development

As a temporary contractor, I felt fairly treated. There was no discernible effort to search for continuation of contract

  • 15.Dec 2015
  • Employee

Support from management

Manager had excellent leadership skills

  • 18.Nov 2017
  • Application


let applicant know you are not interested, or at least acknowledge that they applied

Review averages

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