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Inland Empire Health 

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They promote a healthy team culture. They provide everything you need to perform your job successfully.

Former Employee

What I like

They try to make coming to work fun. They have a carpool match program with other in the company. They have lots of company event and community projects. They promote charity participation and offer many community outreach programs. There are many conveniences they offer by having banks, gyms, membership stores come to the office to perform business so you don’t have to after work. They have dry cleaning and car washes done on site as well as many snack machines and an onsite cafeteria.

What I dislike

I disliked that the customer service department was forced to go to so many early morning and evening meetings to listen to someone read from a PowerPoint when that information could easily be provided in an email. Customer service is also forced to sugar coat certain topics to make the patients think their is another resolution or some hope to get something done that can’t be done by telling them they will forward their inquiry to the appropriate party just to call them back and tell them no when we could have done it on the 1st contact. No 1 contact resolution.

Suggestions for improvement

Get rid of unnecessary meetings for customer service. Streamline processes to insure 1 call resolution without forwarding things to CM Team just to be told something you already know.

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