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Intel is a great place to work, it's not as good as in the past but pays well enough.

EmployeeWorked at Intel Corporation in Chandler Heights, AZ at the time of review.

What I like

I grew a lot as a person in my time at Intel.

What I dislike

They have a bad redeployment process with older workers.

Suggestions for improvement

Stick to CPUs and stop trying to grow into crazy areas like cameras and services.

Company Culture

intel is big on culture and well known for it

Internal Communication

they have many update meetings


for the most part yes

Work-Life Balance

it keeps you very busy

Support from management

most of the time yes

Freedom to work independently

you work as a team

Inclusive / Diverse

they do but bias toward cheaper workers and HIB visas

Gender Equality

women get treated great

Attitude towards older colleagues

they tend to get rid of or buyout older workers

Office / Work Environment

They have nive buildings

Environmental Friendliness

they recycle and are careful

Handicapped Accessibility

they have ramps and more

Workplace Safety

they avoid injuris and lawsuits

Overall compensation for your work

yes, they pay well

Job Security

they redeploy workers often

Company Image

yes it is a great place to work

Career Development

for the most part yes

Challenging Work

it is very challenging and competative