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Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.

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  • Jul 19, 2016
  • New

Lacadaisical Follow-Up

company Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.
City Pasadena
Applied for position Unarmed Security Officer
Year of application 2016
Result Confirmation

Application questions

  • My major strengths are Interpersonal/Communication skills, as well as solid observational/awareness, investigative, and report writing skills. My weakness is that I tend to be perfectionistic in the work that I do, although I realize that no one is perfect, and that occasional mistakes do happen. I strive to always learn something positive from mistakes that I may make.
  • Having served in the military, I am a stickler for obeying rules and regulations, and am very adamant about following procedure, as well as enforcing client rules and regulations. However, I have had to change my tone, posture, and stance in dealing with the general public, and learn to be LESS militant and authoritative, and MORE helpful and flexible in my enforcement of policies.


I applied online, for position that was being advertised by the company as needing to be filled by qualified applicants. Having reviewed the application prerequisites, and finding that I am well-qualified for the position, I applied. I then followed-up with a phone call to the employer, explained that I am a former employee, and inquired as to whether or not I was eligible for rehire with the company. I was told by a hiring manager that I could expect a call back from him with that information, and that I would then be scheduled for an interview. I never received a call back, nor was I ever given the opportunity to explain the circumstances of the termination of my previous employment with Inter-Con.