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Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Marketing/product management at Ipsos in Manhattan, NY until 2014.

What I like

They had some good colleagues that I enjoyed working with while I was there, but sadly some have left.

What I dislike

There is absolutely no respect for the people that work there. No work life balance, no career development, no training for junior staff. The current senior management that is in place is putting processes in place and changing things, but never addressing the true issues that need to be fixed. They spend no time listening to the staff that is telling them what really needs to be fixed.

Suggestions for improvement

Take a good hard look at the people who work very hard for you. Invest some time and effort into them and they will continue to work hard for you. Look at senior management as many of them do not belong there and need to be replaced. They are ruining a nce terrific company.

Company Culture

Some of the better managers are conscious of commending their staff, but at the end of the day, their is only so much they can do as often their own workloads are quite heavy. Any company initiatives that are created to provide recognition usually only last a few months before they disappear and are forgotten about.

Internal Communication

Depending on your manager you will find out what you need to - but Ipsos has an inherent need to change processes on a regular basis within the organization. Often you need to check to make sure that the process you worked on last week - remains the same.


There are some really great people that work there - but they are ALL leaving because of the lack of support that they get.

Work-Life Balance

This is probably the worst place in terms of work life balance. You have none. They make unrealistic time committments to the client and no matter what the dates will not budge. Expect to work late night - very late nights - weekends - a lot.

Support from management

A few years back they replaced senior management with unqualified supervisors who se vision was severly lacking. They "fix" issues that are irrelevant and add layers and layers of additional processes that do not need to be there causing extra work instead of tackling the real issues. No one cares how late you work, whether you are happy or about your quality of work life balance. They dont even care if people are trained right. Its just a factory, not a great research organization like it used to be.

Freedom to work independently

Absolutely not. If you are good at your job - don't expect to be rewarded - expect to be dumped on. No matter how hard you work - at the end of the year - you are going to see the same 2%-3% raise that the guy leaving every day at 5 everyday sees.

Inclusive / Diverse

Not really. Senior management will only listen to senior management. They do not care about what anyone else thinks or says and you wont realy have an opportunity to express your opinion to them either as senior management is rather segregated from the rest of the staff.

Gender Equality

Yes - I wouldnt say women are discriminated against.

Environmental Friendliness

Ipsos is definitely behind the times on a lot of things and is not the most up to date Marketing research company. You can learn a lot of things if you get the right manager, but if you do take a job there, it should be a stepping stone as you work your way through the industry and not some place you plan to stay for a very long time.

Handicapped Accessibility

The Manhattan office was very accessible - located right across the street from Radio City Music Hall. 1 Stop from Penn Station. Very easy Commute.

Overall compensation for your work

The benefits are about average if not a little better than average - good 401K, dental, health, days off, etc. Salary - below industry. Raises are a JOKE. Bonus - HAHAHAHAHA. Dont expect one no matter what they say on an interview, especially if your entry level.

Job Security

I dont think anyone feels safe at Ipsos. Its why so many, including myself choose to make the change and leave. There was this dark cloud that never left and you always felt the ax could fall. Too much stress when you worked 60 hours a week.

Company Image

Employees that work there DO NOT talk fondly of Ipsos. They all complain about the workload, things taking way too long to get done, the overall process, the incompetence of support departments (especially the operations dept) and their senior leaders. They might like the bagels they get on Fridays...

Career Development

This really depends on the manager you have, but for the most part, they dont seem to really train any of the new staff. Anyone that get hired, just learns by example. This is not the place for extreme career growth. The company wants to make money, not watch you grow.

Challenging Work

Not really. It will seem challenging at first as you learn, but it will quickly become redundant and boring after awhile.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Office / Work Environment

Workplace Safety