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IOS/Mac+ Tech Support

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Former Temp / Contractor

What I like

Working at home and getting paid every Friday.

What I dislike

No benefits. Didn't allow enough time on the phone with the customers. AAHT (Average Adjusted Handle Time) was more important than taking care of the customer. They wanted us to set up callbacks if we didn't get the issue resolved in 20 minutes, but then they complained that we were "an inbound call center, why are you on so many outbound calls?" when we called everyone back.

Suggestions for improvement

Offer benefits. Listen to employee suggestions and don't make changes that are going to effect the customers in a negative way.

Company Culture

You get to work at home and they supply the equipment.

Internal Communication

You get daily emails and you communicate via chat with the TLs and Supervisors


If you need assistance, the TLs in chat would pull you into private chat to help you.

Work-Life Balance

It took a lot of work for the TL and Supervisor to get you set schedule, but if you needed a day off for something special, it was like pulling teeth to get it. Sometimes I just had to take an occurrence to get the day off.

Support from management

The TLs and Supervisors do care about the employees. Upper management didn't seem to know the job and were always coming up with "rules" that were geared to upset the customers and there was nothing we could do for the customers.

Freedom to work independently

Even if you thought you were alone, someone was watching and monitoring everything you did. But the TLs were always there if you needed assistance, except on Saturdays. It was murder to get help on Saturdays (I never worked Sunday, but I think someone said it was also a problem on Sundays.)

Inclusive / Diverse

We were kept abreast of what was going on, but we didn't have any say in what was going on

Gender Equality

It didn't matter what gender anyone is.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I didn't see any problems and there were several older colleagues.

Office / Work Environment

You get to work at home. It's up to you where you put the computer they supplied, but it did need to be in a quite environment.

Environmental Friendliness

Again, it's up to you since you're at home.

Handicapped Accessibility

Again, it's up to you since you're at home.

Workplace Safety

Again, it's up to you since you're at home.

Overall compensation for your work

After we were there a year, they finally gave us a dollar more an hour. A couple of years later, they upped our pay to $15.00 per hour for Senior Advisors.

Job Security

I was there for almost five years and the job ended.

Company Image

I don't know anyone who is happy with Kelly Services. It's a temporary agency, so there are no benefits. I worked there for two years before they finally let us have 5 days Paid Time Off per year. But it was like pulling teeth to get the week you requested off.

Career Development

No future in a temporary agency.

Challenging Work

Sometimes they released a product before we were scheduled to train for it. Which was really more "throwing us under the bus" than actual challenging.