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  • Nov 24, 2015


company Kenny industry
City Dallas
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Former job since 2015
Position Others
Department Marketing/product management

Suggestions for improvement

  • Drop ceilings in the big side with better ventilation, and a for days over 90. Then in the winter time need to make shipping and receiving or scrap hauler close the door behind them every time they enter or exit the shop. Provide a program that the company pays for half of employees tools up to 500 a year or similar. The company would benefit due to new tools as well as if the employee had to spend their own money they would take better care of it than if they borrowed mine. Also need to address the issue of employees personal tools missing or damaged even if it was my personal tool that I broke they should replace half the cost . Or if another employee breaks, looses, or wears out the company should then buy two. One for tool room for checking out and the other to the employee that had theirs borrowed and broken. Don't fire everyone as soon as they get vacation time. Or how about paying back everyone that you fired with acquired vacation time. Oh for sure needs a quality rep that isn't afraid of getting on the floor and inspecting all parts as they are machined. That's all that they do is go from machine to machine approving parts but also be available for first article inspections in a reasonable time frame not 4 hours later. Need a floor man or guy that is also a scrap and coolant checker. Or designate sections of the shop certain cleaning or dumpster hauling days. But the later of the two isn't going to be beneficial due to different jobs need scrap hauled off at different intervals possibly twice a day to only twice a month. The machinist has enough to think about without walking the shop looking for a pallet jack that's currently being used at the opposite end of the shop. This is not the machinists concern unless it's at the end of an order. Not the end I found the day because everyone can't use two brooms or two forklifts at the end of their shift. It don't work.

I like about the employer

They have quality tooling and many new machines, half shop is climate controlled. They need to get their school going better. 401k health insurance

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