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Very much enjoyed my time & position there. Was respected & management went out of thier way to show appreciation.

Former EmployeeWorked at Kindred (Gentiva) Homecare Agency in Sandwich, MA.

What I like

I truly enjoyed my position there. Everyone was open & friendly. Rare occasions when there was a concern , it was addressed immediately.

What I dislike

Nothing i disapproved of. Constantly evolving to provide the best in home care & build a reputation in the industry.

Suggestions for improvement

A better payscale with recognition for previous experience. Better mileage re-imbursement.

Company Culture

Great group of gals & guys to work with. Both in the office & in the field.

Internal Communication

Scheduling was fair . Nurses excellent about reviewing care plans.


Co-workers respect each other. Working together is uncommon though.

Work-Life Balance

They do thier level best , but there are typically one or two employees who always seem to need coverage due to a family emergency or crisis.

Support from management

Great group of gals & guys to work with. Both in the office & in the field.

Freedom to work independently

You are more often than not working independently with clients in the field.

Inclusive / Diverse

Always open to ideas & suggestions.

Gender Equality

90-95% female employees.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Was always treated fairly and recognized for accomplishments.

Office / Work Environment

Supplies needed always on hand.

Environmental Friendliness

Recycling encouraged & practiced.

Handicapped Accessibility

One floor with ramps & stairs. Accessible rest rooms. Wide hallways.

Workplace Safety

Personal protective equipment always available & use encouraged. Frequent inservices , safety & disaster planning.

Overall compensation for your work

Pay scale could be a bit better.

Job Security

Always felt safe & secure in my position .

Company Image

No longer employed , but was always happy & proud to be part of the team.

Career Development

Further education enciuraged.

Challenging Work

Ever changing & evolving . It's not really work if you enjoy what you do, though.