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KUCC, Refinery, SLC UT:What's it like to work here?

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KUCC, Refinery, SLC UT experience report

  • 17.Mar 2016
  • Employee

Foreign management takeover and plunder


Workplace Safety

Foreign managers have laid-off those who cared enough to speak-out, & have destroyed employee moral that was present prior to 2014. Old KUC motto was "Our employees are our greatest asset" to current motto "Our customers are our greatest asset." That kind of sums up the how they feel about their employees, (replaceable or disposable).

Suggestions for improvement

  • These suggestions are not inclusive of everything that could be done but are a few of the major issues observed while working at Kennecott and the Kennecott Refinery. 1.
  • Need to use local management who care for the community, employees, environment, and the company. 2.
  • Management needs to be more mature. Have EXPERIENCE and COMMON SENSE so that they have the ability to see the bullshit and make good business decisions. 3.
  • Need to rebuild the Six-Sigma and Reliability programs and terminate the high-priced Lean-Kaizen consultants who have no stake in Kennecott. 4.
  • Management needs to spend more time out in the work place so they can understand the problems and issues for the hourly employees. Kennecott tried this idea but it turned into a Nazi Gestapo management activity that created distrust between the employees and management. They even required management and leadership employees read Covey’s “The Speed of Trust” book in an effort to rebuild trust but management then went and implemented the opposite of what is recommended in the book.

What I like about the company

They had a six-sigma program and trained about 75 employees/year. They were proactive in maintaining their assets and fixing issues.

What I dislike about the company

In general, KUCC changed to foreign management who have no ties to the community and couldn't care less about the community and their employees. Quoting from 2 foreign managers when speaking in a semi-private conversation. "Rio Tinto is forced to bring in foreign management because "Americans" do not understand the mining business and industry and cannot properly run Kennecott."
On a regular basis, a past foreign manager would verbally attack (yell, swear, threaten, and intimidate) leaders & others in business and planning meetings. No apparent changes were made when reported to HR, so we quit complaining to HR.
KUC performed a yearly “anonymous” employee survey but most hourly employees do not believe it is anonymous. My personal survey of hourly employees revealed the following; 12 out of 17 hourly employees lie (mark answers positively and leave no comments) because they fear that they will be targeted for termination or lay-offs. The other 5 employees commented that they marked the answers honestly but leave no comments because they also fear for their jobs. Can you blame them for their fear? In 2014 a salary employee who answered the survey honestly and also provided extensive comments was terminated the day after the 2014 survey results were released to the employees.
This FEAR exists in the ranks of leadership.
In 2012 the Refinery spent millions on 4 new cranes for the Refinery Tank-house. An engineer commented, in private, that the specifications for the new cranes was not adequate for the application and would be problematic. Management’s comment was that he was not well informed and besides it was not his decision. The first crane was installed in 2013 and did not perform satisfactory. After 12 months of work it still did not perform as required. Now in 2016, 3 of the 4 new cranes are rusting on a parking lot.
In 2013 they started spending millions on safety projects that were based upon biased employee data. In 2014 they continued spending millions on safety projects but in this case there was no data (only emotions and fear of management) to support the changes.
In 2013 KUCC terminated the Six-Sigma program and replaced it with a Lean-Kaizen program. It was a futile effort to solve every problem with a single rigid tool. It was like “forcing square pegs through round holes” which resulted in over 50% of the projects unfinished and over 90% of the projects unsustainable. Management claimed great success but those who knew and also the hourly employees called it false propaganda.

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