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Company summary

Our mission? To level the playing field between employers and workers.

Historically, workplace decisions have been biased towards company management. Now, we've created a way for people to arm themselves with just as much knowledge. As the original employer review platform, we offer anyone motivated to improve their worklife useful information to keep "what have I done" job experiences from happening. 

Through genuine reviews, company ratings, and industry rankings, we help proactive people find their right worklife fit and forward thinking companies improve their work culture. It's the transparency everyone deserves. 

Why do we do all that? To help people everywhere make better worklife decisions. After all, we spend almost 25% of our lives at work. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy it?


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Company info

Who we are

Products, services

  • We provide a fresh collection of authentic employer reviews from real workers in companies all over the U.S. in every industry.
  • Plus, we offer every individual an opportunity to share his or her voice—anonymously—in a forum where it’s sure to be heard and appreciated.
  • Finally, we share our data in meaningful ways through rankings and insights by region, business category, and however it matters to job seekers. 


Company outlook


The outlook for a business that empowers people everywhere to make better job decisions is a great one (in our humble opinion). We fill a need for job seekers to have relevant and genuine company information that links corporate points of view with the opinion of real stakeholders—the people who make a company what it is. We aim to be bold, authentic, and supportive of employees at every level. Refreshing, right?

Founded in Vienna in 2007, kununu is the #1 employer review site in Europe. Acquired by Xing  (the global social network for business professionals) in 2013, kununu expanded to the U.S., opening offices in Boston, MA in March 2016.



  • Competitive salary
  • 80% paid healthcare premiums
  • Paid vacation and sick days
  • Tax deductible subway and train passes
  • Casual office environment in Fort Point Channel
  • Catered lunch on Fridays
  • Company outings
  • Game room
  • Chilled (craft) beer


Domestic locations

34 Farnsworth Street

3rd Floor

Boston, MA 02210

Legal information

For all legal inquiries, please contact

For applicants


Our Reason for Being
Setting Sail with Kununu!
Intern Insights

Who we are looking for

Preferred skills

We're looking for like-minded folks who believe in the power of transparency to build a better worklife for all. Sound lofty? We hope so.

Show us your excellence in three core skills in your field. If you’ve got more great but superheroes usually have very specific powers.

Preferred qualifications

  • Solid education. (You can think on your feet—and sitting down.)
  • Relevant work experience. (People in your field understand your résumé.)
  • Good people skills. (Neither animals or babies are afraid of you.)
  • Our kununu culture fit. (Passionate, enthusiastic, and just plain nice.)

Preferred majors/degrees

For executive roles, we prefer MBA or advanced degree professionals. In some cases, equivalent work experience counts. 

What we offer

What is special about working for us?


The original employer review platform. The first team to bring it to the U.S.

As of spring 2016, kununu offices in the Fort Point Channel area of Boston are in full startup mode. With new operations, marketing, and sales teams led by experienced executive management, we're ready to bring much-needed workplace transparency to a burgeoning U.S. market that needs it more than ever.

Working with us means being the first feet on the field in building a new branch of business ripe for growth.

How would we describe the company culture?


Our company mission is also at the core of our values. We believe in:

  • Accessibility and transparency. Our CEO’s door is always open - in fact, he doesn't even have one.

  • Honesty. You can tell your co-worker an idea sucks (just maybe not in those words).

  • Challenging ourselves. Doing meaningful work means striving to always improve - even at our office ping pong table.

  • Enjoying our workdays together. From riding the train to raiding the food trucks at lunch, it's all good.

  • A happy worklife. After all we spend more than 90,000 hours of our lives in it.


What else should applicants know about us?

We value smart, passionate, and talented folks—so much so that we let you do your thing.

We're a casual bunch in jeans and sneakers. A diverse group, we welcome and encourage different perspectives, thoughts, and opinions. Do it with a smile and you're golden.


Application advice

Expectations of applicants

Learn who we are and what we stand for. Check out our competitors so you know why we're different. Come with ideas and please bring questions. The best candidates are always intellectually curious.  

Advice to applicants

Come as you are, we're not looking to be impressed (if you've been invited to interview, we already are).

Preferred application method

Online, of course.

Selection process

We usually start with a phone interview to get a sense of interest and fit on both sides. If that goes well, expect an in-person meeting followed by introductions to senior team leaders.

Though we may have immediate and urgent needs, please know we care more about getting the right person in than filling a slot. We put people and culture fit above plain experience. 

Job Insights

Customer Success


What attracted you to this company?

I look for a few things with any new opportunity, and kununu delivered against all of them:

Market and product opportunity: large and growing market, clear customer need and pain, lots of opportunity for innovation in the space

Challenge: For me, the role was an important one for the company, and a challenge for me personally and intellectually. I knew from the beginning that the job I was signing up for would not be an easy one, and that was appealing to me.

People: I connected with our CEO, saw that he was competitive and smart, and shared with me a similar will to win.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I drop my kids at the bus every day at 7:45, then hop on my bike to catch the Red Line to get to the office by 8:30. I try to schedule calls and meetings the first half of the day with our counterparts in Europe, then focus on things here in the U.S. Every day is a little different for me - talking to customers, meeting with partners, spending time with the team on various product and marketing initiatives. 

What do you like best about your job?

I love having a diversity of topics to tackle with a variety of people (Product, Marketing, Partnerships, Sales) and the constant change that comes with a dynamic, fast-moving business. Also, I've always valued travel and experiencing other cultures - kununu has a mix of European and American customers, users, and team members, so culturally I like that we have a global lens. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

Ensuring alignment across the organization's stakeholders, both internally and externally. While on one hand we're a new venture with nothing to lose, on the other hand we are part of a larger company that has processes and protocol. Sometimes I break stuff by pushing too hard. Having counterparts 6 hours ahead of us in Europe adds another element of challenge to the mix. 

What 3 words describe life at your company?

Transparent. Purposeful. Fun. 

What makes the company a good fit for you?

We have a unique blend of startup (we're a new venture) and stability (due to our corporate parents). For me personally I can do all the things that I love to do at early stage businesses while having resources to support me (both personally and professionally). I also believe strongly in the mission of what we're doing: helping companies and employees align through data to find shared success. 

Do you have any tips for the interview process?

Be yourself, and bring your passion and true colors to the table. Come with an understanding about our company, why you want to work here, and why you are someone who can push the team and the business to the next level.

Customer Success

What attracted you to this company?

A friend of mine was working at kununu in Vienna, Austria. He told me all the great things about working for kununu, I was sold after visiting the office and seeing what kununu is all about.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Get into the office around 9-10 make breakfast supplied by kununu (whoop whoop), drink my morning tea, and get cracking at checking reviews, helping curate content onto our website and answering customer requests. 

What do you like best about your job?

I like the fact I am not constantly micromanaged; I am dependent with my tasks given out by upper management. I enjoy listening to music and getting into the zone, taking care of business! I also enjoy the company benefits, like healthcare and paid time off. My compensation package is top notch and I feel it’s the best in the industry! I like that we have a relaxed office environment, and lots of snacks and drinks to appease our appetite and quench our thirst. Everyone is fun to work with and are genially nice people.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

The biggest challenge for me is to make sure the integrity of our review protocol is impeccable without anything muddling up our employer review platform. I feel it is vital that we keep our customers and clients aligned with our mission to “level the playing field.” It is of the utmost importance for me that we create and present a professional demeanor for anyone who is looking to us for advice of how to make a good decision to join the work force of our great country!



What 3 words describe life at your company?

Game-changing, open-minded, and explanatory! That’s 3, right? 

What makes the company a good fit for you?

I have a great feeling about working for this company. I genuinely enjoy what I do to help other people make better work life decisions. I know we are making the world a better place, one review at a time!

Do you have any tips for the interview process?

Make sure you do your homework on what you want to be doing for the company, come out swinging with great things you have accomplished, make yourself someone that is sought after. We like data and visual metrics here, so know how that works in general. Ask challenging questions to your interviewer about what we are doing or you will be doing, and be yourself, don’t take no for an answer, show them that they need you, not the other way around. Say what you like about our company, and dress to impress, also, don’t worry about being nervous, just make sure you keep your breathing in sync and everything will go well, unless you don’t know what you’re doing, in that case why are you even applying for the job?!


What attracted you to this company?

I felt aligned with the company vision of “leveling the playing field” through transparency and inclusiveness.  It was a great opportunity to help kununu apply its vision to the US market and build up operations.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

My typical day starts early in the morning by looking at the previous day reporting and metrics.  Beyond that every day at kununu is unique!  Since our US operations are starting from scratch there is a wide variety of tasks that need to be completed.  It’s exciting to work with our talented teams on finding solutions to complex problems.  We are always moving fast!

What do you like best about your job?

It’s been a great experience to start up US operations and to see our initiatives build momentum and produce tangible results. I also enjoy the sense of comradery that we have on our team and how everyone is focused on producing the best possible results in the US. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

The biggest challenge is to be patient as we grow.  It can sometimes be frustrating when projects are not moving as quickly as you would like; it’s important to take a step back and to just focus on the necessary tasks at hand needed to move forward.

What 3 words describe life at your company?

Dynamic, focused, fast

What makes the company a good fit for you?

I believe strongly in the vision, product and in my colleagues.

Do you have any tips for the interview process?

Just be yourself; don’t try to be someone you think the interviewer wants you to be.  kununu has a great company culture and working here is quite rewarding.  However, we are always evolving and the constant change might need be a good fit for all candidates.


What attracted you to this company?

I was really excited to join kununu because I felt it was a great opportunity to join a company and shape the culture and team. I’ve been a part of a few different teams of all shapes and sizes, but joining the team here in the US early was a chance to take on a new challenge and help build something big.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

There’s really no such thing as a typical day at work. Everyday we’re working on spreading the word about kununu, sharing our mission with companies across the country. That consists of travelling to conferences, getting on sales calls, and also jumping to coordinate internal resources. I haven’t been bored yet!

What do you like best about your job?

My favorite part of my job is the ability to work cross-functionally and see projects come together. We’ll come up with an idea, and then work together to make it into something real, and the end result can surprise us at times.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there – and not a lot of things are predefined. There’s no instruction manual on what we’re doing right now, but that was definitely expected when I started. You have to embrace it if you want to succeed.

What 3 words describe life at your company?

Fast, Fun and Fresh.

What makes the company a good fit for you?

There’s two things: respect and passion. From my first day – I’ve always felt a mutual respect here, between all departments and employees. That combined with everyone’s desire to create an amazing platform make this a place I look forward to going to everyday - we are all in this together.

Do you have any tips for the interview process?

Don’t pull any punches. Ask us questions about what makes us tick, and why we’re here. Everyone has a different story, and a different motivation for joining kununu – but that doesn’t have to be yours. We really enjoy having different perspectives; it keeps us honest.


What is a kununu Employer Branding Profile?

A kununu Employer Branding Profile is your opportunity to connect with job seekers and current employees. Describe your company mission, showcase company culture, and give job seekers insight into what it's like to be a part of your team. Your Employer Branding Profile allows you to influence the talk about your company through customization and conversation.

How do I claim my page and start an Employer Branding Profile?

To inquire about our Employer Branding Profile options, please email us at

Is there an example of a company profile created on kununu that we can use as a guide to get started

We encourage companies to design their own profiles to represent their unique company culture. You can search the site for company profiles of different industries and company sizes to serve as inspiration. 

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I like about the employer

They are smart people and they know what they don´t know and don´t pretend otherwise. Always happy to listen and learn. And fun to be around.

I like about the employer

We have an amazing mission and solve a user problem that needs to be solved with an incumbent in the market that does not care about creating user value.

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