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Company summary

Our mission? To level the playing field between employers and workers.

Historically, workplace decisions have been biased towards company management. Now, we've created a way for people to arm themselves with just as much knowledge. As the original employer review platform, we offer anyone motivated to improve their worklife useful information to keep "what have I done" job experiences from happening.


Through genuine reviews, company ratings and industry rankings, we help proactive people find their right worklife fit and forward thinking companies improve their work culture. It's the transparency everyone deserves. 

Why do we do all that? To help people everywhere make better worklife decisions. After all, we spend almost 25% of our lives at work.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy it?

Who we are

Products, services

  • We provide a fresh collection of authentic employer reviews from real workers in companies all over the U.S. in every industry.
  • Plus, we offer every individual an opportunity to share his or her voice—anonymously—in a forum where it’s sure to be heard and appreciated.
  • Finally, we share our data in meaningful ways through rankings and insights by region, business category and however it matters to job seekers. (Even find kununu awards and badges, for the lucky ones.)

Company outlook


The outlook for a business that empowers people everywhere to make better job decisions is a great one (in our humble opinion.) We fill a need for job seekers to have relevant and genuine company information that links corporate points of view with the opinion of real stakeholders—the people who make a company what it is. We aim to be bold, authentic and supportive of employees at every level. Refreshing, right?

Founded in Vienna in 2007, kununu is the #1 employer review site in Europe. Acquired by Xing  (the global social network for business professionals) in 2013, kununu expanded to the U.S., opening offices in Boston, MA in March 2016.


What we offer

What is special about working for us?


The original employer review platform. The first team to bring it to the U.S.

As of spring 2016, kununu offices in the Fort Point Channel area of Boston are in full startup mode. With new operations, marketing and sales teams led by experienced executive management, we're ready to bring much-needed workplace transparency to a burgeoning U.S. market that needs it more than ever.

Working with us means being the first feet on the field in building a new branch of business ripe for growth.

How would we describe the company culture?


Our company mission is also at the core of our values. We believe in:

  • Accessibility and transparency. Our CEO’s door is always open. (In fact, he doesn't even have one.)

  • Honesty. You can tell your co-worker an idea sucks (just maybe not in those words).

  • Challenging ourselves. Doing meaningful work means striving to always improve. (Even at our office ping pong table.)

  • Enjoying our workdays together. From riding the train to raiding the food trucks at lunch, it's all good.

  • A happy worklife. After all we spend more than 90,000 hours of our lives in it.

What else should applicants know about us?

We value smart, passionate and talented folks—so much so that we let you do your thing.

A diverse group, we welcome and encourage different perspectives, thoughts and opinions. Do it with a smile and you're golden.

We're a casual bunch in jeans and sneakers. So far no flip flops, but, hey, it's Boston weather.

Who we are looking for

Preferred skills


We're looking for like-minded folks who believe in the power of transparency to build a better worklife for all. Sound lofty? We hope so.

Show us your excellence in three core skills in your field. If you’ve got more great but superheroes usually have very specific powers.

Preferred qualifications

  • Solid education. (You can think on your feet—and sitting down.)
  • Relevant work experience. (People in your field understand your résumé.)
  • Good people skills. (Neither animals or babies are afraid of you.)
  • Our kununu culture fit. (Passionate, enthusiastic and just plain nice.)

Preferred majors/degrees

For executive roles, we prefer MBA or advanced degree professionals. In some cases, equivalent work experience counts. Book smarts usually help. Life smarts, definitely do.

Application advice

Expectations of applicants

Learn who we are and what we stand for. Check out our competitors so you know why we're different. Come with ideas and please bring questions. The best candidates are always intellectually curious.  

Advice to applicants

Come as you are, we're not looking to be impressed (if you've been invited to interview, we already are.)

Preferred application method

Online, of course.

Selection process

We usually start with a phone interview to get a sense of interest and fit on both sides. If that goes well, expect an in-person meeting followed by introductions to senior team leaders.

Though we may have immediate and urgent needs, please know we care more about getting the right person in than filling a slot. We put people and culture fit above plain experience. 


Test results (e.g. personality, performance, intelligence, standardized, etc.) Upon request
Experience abroad Upon request
Internships Yes
Bachelor's/Master's thesis No


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Domestic locations

34 Farnsworth Street

3rd Floor

Boston, MA 02210


  • Competitive salary
  • 80% paid healthcare premiums
  • Paid vacation and sick days
  • Tax deductible subway and train passes
  • Casual office environment in Fort Point Channel
  • Catered lunch on Fridays
  • Company outings
  • Game room
  • Chilled beer


Legal information

For all legal inquiries, please contact

Review averages

New reviews

Employer Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2016
  • New

A great place to work!

company kununu US
City Boston
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Internship in 2016
Position Employee
Department Marketing/product management

Overall Compensation for your work

I was paid a fair wage for my work, but the office is in Boston and the commute got expensive.

Challenging Work

I was a short term intern and did not have enough time to take on large and more complex projects. The work I was doing was pretty boring but every now and then I would help out with with something more engaging.

I like about the employer

It is a fun, engaging, and happy atmosphere.

company kununu US
City Boston
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Current employee
Position Employee

Company culture

Best company culture ever! We all get along, we all tell it how it is, and we live what we represent. To go further into this, I have spent my days reading reviews about how horrible other people have it in their company and how their company culture is( just a facade, fake as a nose job),and I must say ours is the creme da la creme of company culture! So stoked on what we are becoming!

Support from Management

Great on boarding process!

  • Jul 25, 2016
  • New


company kununu US
City Boston
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Current employee
Position Management/executive staff
Department Others

Company culture

fun culture that is very special

Support from Management

great leadership team dedicated to making the company successful


awesome group of talented people who are great to work with

Level of Autonomy

great opportunity to have meaningful roll in building the company


transparency abounds and it makes for successful communication

Attitude towards older colleagues

all are welcome - even those with experience who know what to do

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Application Reviews

company kununu US
City Boston
Year of application 2016
Result k.A.
Satisfactory reaction
Quick reply
Predictability of the process
Professionalism of the interview
Completeness of information
Pleasant atmosphere
Respectful treatment
Satisfactory replies
Explanation of further steps
Timely rejection/confirmation
  • Jul 25, 2016
  • New

Exciting Atmosphere!

company kununu US
City Boston
Applied for position Marketing Manager
Year of application 2016
Result k.A.


It was a great environment to walk into. My interviewer was very straightforward and willing to have a conversation rather than asking "standard" interview questions. We had a great discussion of the company's background, where the company was headed, and how I might help achieve their goals.