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Employer Branding leader in Europe working to expand within the US

EmployeeWorked in Distribution/sales at the time of review.

What I like

The company is still at the point where you're able to make a difference and voice your opinion. Free lunch on Fridays is a great perk as well

What I dislike

Nothing so far

Suggestions for improvement

I would like to see subtle changes made to the platform's UX

Company Culture

I love the culture here. We have a sonos speaker where we collectively play music throughout the day. We all bond over food, animals, travel, music, shows, sports, and family.

Internal Communication

We have weekly meetings with the whole team to go over goals as a company. We also use kununu Engage surveys


Everyone has been extremely helpful. My direct teammates and I collaborate to make sure we're doing our best to succeed. Members of other departments are always willing to help in any way they can

Work-Life Balance

9-5:30. People work from home some days throughout the week

Support from management

Management has done everything they can to make sure we are achieving our potential. Everything from weekly 1-on-1s to customized trainings

Freedom to work independently

Once you've ramped up, you basically have the freedom to build your own pipeline, run your own calls, and still have management support when you want it.

Gender Equality

Seems to be about 50/50

Attitude towards older colleagues

I often find myself trying to learn from my older colleagues' experience.

Office / Work Environment

The office is an updated area with an open floor plan. Conference rooms can get tight from time to time, but typical growing pains

Environmental Friendliness

Recycling set up, and bevi machine to reduce the number of cans and bottles used

Handicapped Accessibility

There's a ramp leading up to the building, and an elevator between floors. No automatic doors

Overall compensation for your work

I received what I asked for

Job Security

As long as you put in the effort and do your work, you should have no problems

Company Image

It's cool working for a global brand. Though kununu's presence isn't as big in the US, that's what we're working to change!

Challenging Work

It certainly is a challenge to get the name out there. But we are getting more and more recognition every day!

Inclusive / Diverse

Workplace Safety

Career Development

Company Response


Thank you for your review!

We always appreciate comments that depict an accurate description of our company culture, such as everyone being “extremely helpful”, portraying a casual work environment with our sonos, and displaying a cool global brand! Being able to bond over the topics you pointed out: music, food, and animals (we LOVE dogs!) is something that truly makes our office feel like a family.

While we continue to infuse a positive company culture, reviews like these give us honest and helpful feedback at what we are doing, and how we take these reviews seriously and listen to our employees. You mentioned weekly 1-on-1s and customized training, which are part of our belief in making sure everyone is happy and enjoys coming to work and succeeding while moving toward our company’s goals and outcomes.

We agree that parts of our UX need changes and improvements, as these are challenges that we continue to work on as we grow. And as one of our five company core values, keeping an open mind, we love when employees like yourself share your thoughts and display the values which we strive to live by each day.

Thank you again for the feedback you’ve provided, and we look forward to more reviews in the future!