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Good people, good company and getting better every day


What I like

Lots to list. The people, the informal but decisive culture, my day-to-day work, the company mission, free lunches on Friday, etc.

What I dislike

We're definitely packed in here closely together. Doesn't both me, but it could bother some folks.

Suggestions for improvement

Honestly, there isn't much that comes to mind here. The things that don't work well (for example management communication) we actively work on. Sometimes fixes work, sometimes they don't but there always seems to be a desire to listen to input and improve.

Company Culture

Really positive work environment

Internal Communication

Was just OK, but it's better now


Really great team here. It's wonderful to have everyone pulling in the same direction

Work-Life Balance

For a small company, hours are pretty reasonable

Support from management

Consistently feel supported.

Inclusive / Diverse

Inclusivity A+. Would like to see a more diverse workforce.

Gender Equality

I'm not a woman, but I think so.

Attitude towards older colleagues

This one I am qualified to answer and it's good

Office / Work Environment

Packed together close no doubt, but since we like each other it's fine.

Overall compensation for your work

No complaints here.

Company Image

Wish we were better known, but that's always the case when you're starting out in a new market

Career Development

Lots of new challenges = lots of development opportunities

Challenging Work

New challenge every day

Freedom to work independently

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Job Security

Company Response


Thanks for your review!

We're especially glad that you were specific about the things that you enjoy here (and areas where we can improve!) - knowing this information helps us build a better experience for you and all of our employees.

The fact that you enjoy our company's mission and your day-to-day work tells us that we've found a great fit in having you here. That's the attitude we love to see!

It's also very cool that you picked up on our informal but decisive culture - that speaks two of our core values: keeping an open mind and open company (informality) and focusing on goals and outcomes (decisiveness). We're proud that those values are being lived throughout the company in a meaningful way.

As for free lunches, they'll always be a mainstay here and you might be even happier to see that we've introduced new types of cuisines and restaurants to the rotation, which we hope adds even more positivity to your work-life here!

Thanks again and please keep us updated on your experience here and any other feedback you have.

This response refers to an earlier version of the review.