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Toxic Culture

Not recommended
Former Employee

Suggestions for improvement

Make the product better. Have a better go-to-market strategy. Recognize that there are a bunch of people that are not talented and hire better.

Company Culture

The culture encourages backstabbing and toxic behaviors. The management team enables this type of culture by having favorites and openly insulting individuals. Also, this review is currently going through a series of witch-hunts.

Internal Communication

They preach transparency, but that is the last thing this company does. It is a team of 15-20 people, but most everyone is confused and misaligned.


“We are willingly unwilling to help each other” should be the company’s tagline.

Work-Life Balance

With barely any customers and a laughable sales pipeline, there’s time for a lot of fun.

Support from management

Be ready for insults when ideas are shared.

Freedom to work independently

No one knows what the strategy is so everyone can work very independently!

Overall compensation for your work

They will low ball you. If you’re unlucky enough to get a job here, always ask for more.

Job Security

Sales pipeline is a joke. What revenue?

Career Development

People are promoted based on who the management team likes. They make up random title to boost their egos.

Challenging Work

Bunch of clapping for people being able to make a call because that’s the extent of the challenge.

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Office / Work Environment

Company Response


Thank you for your review. While we’re disheartened to learn about your less-than-positive perspective of working here, we will always try to use feedback such as yours as a way to learn and improve anyway we can.

One thing we do notice, however, is that your review relies heavily on sarcasm and very generalized statements that don’t seem to reflect reality, and in a way even sounds satirical. (“We are willingly unwilling to help each other”, “everyone is confused and misaligned”). This makes it hard for us to unpack your review constructively.

In any case, we as a global company are committed to making every one of our employees’ experiences as supportive and fulfilling as possible. Some ways we do that:

- We’ve established a group where non-manager employees work as a team to capture feedback from other employees and help surface important issues and topics, in order to then hold the leadership team accountable for addressing them as needed
- We continue to offer competitive compensation compared to the market for individual job positions, and we also revisit team member titles on a regular basis so that they accurately reflect the contribution that individual is making to the organization from US perspective as well as a global perspective (as we are a global organization)
- Frequent personal development dialogue between employees and their managers, which include weekly and monthly one-on-one meetings with your manager to discuss professional growth and any other personal or work-related topics
- New, fully transparent, company KPIs
- Weekly, company-wide meetings, where all team members (not just management / leadership team) share updates around strategy, hiring, and individual projects to give all employees line of sight and a forum to discuss anything and everything
- An overhauled engagement survey, which is an anonymous weekly survey that gives our employees a chance to share how their week was and topics they would like to bring up and have discussed.

Those are just some of the highlights of how we strive to improve as a company, and things that we believe address some of the negative points of improvement that one would take from your review. We truly appreciate your honest feedback and wish you the best in your future roles.