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We figured it out and now we will start scaling our US business. Exciting times!


What I like

The mission, the vision, the growth potential the team

What I dislike

Sometimes we can do with bigger and bolder thinking

Suggestions for improvement

Overall we too often hired people that were not a match. We will work on our people assessment / selection.

Internal Communication

We communicate a lot via Slack and also have tools like kununu engage in place that help us share feedback anonymously. Meetings are efficient.


We all win together

Support from management

We have the national treasure that helps me and others to become better every single day

Freedom to work independently

We have a playbook figured out that we are executing. Within these boundaries one has all degrees of freedom.

Inclusive / Diverse

People of different nationalities, race and sexual orientation all work together

Attitude towards older colleagues

difficult to evaluate, we are all between 25 and 43 (what is old anyways)

Office / Work Environment

If you want the perfect office with the perfect temperature dont join us. We have an awesome place but it can be "scrappy" at times. Ping Pong Table a plus!

Overall compensation for your work

We pay well given where we are and what we do. More important, we are not here to max out on salary, we are here to help people choose the right place to work.

Company Image

Image good, Awareness still rather medium

Career Development

now that we are scaling we all have an opportunity to grow with the growing organization

Company Culture

Work-Life Balance

Gender Equality

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Job Security

Challenging Work

Company Response


Thank you for your review!

We appreciate the insightful comments about different positive aspects of our company culture, such as our supportive "national treasure" (who is a person, for those who don't know!), our team mindset, "scrappy" environment, growth potential we offer, and our mission and values.

These are all things we're very proud of as a company and hope that we can continue to offer to our amazing team members.

We also truly appreciate your feedback about the areas that we could improve, such as the need to grow our company image, hiring people who are a better match, and being bigger and bolder with our thinking as we grow as a company.

We agree on all fronts, really! We have a ways to go to become the known brand that we want to be and can certainly be bolder as we work towards that. And, just like many companies, we've definitely experienced a few situations where we hired quickly and found out it wasn't a great match - all of these things we are actively working on and are prioritizing in the coming year.

Thanks again for your feedback and we welcome you to come back and give us additional feedback at any time.