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good job for the local economy, if you are willing to work shifts and some manual labor, depending on position.

Former EmployeeWorked at Leprino Foods in Roswell, NM.

What I like

I worked here for almost 9 years, and it was a good paying job where I was able to change positions. It was physically challenging at times, with shift work and tasks that required physical and mental toughness, but I would do it again if I needed to. They were good employers, even though I felt overlooked for promotions sometimes. The profits for the company were the bottom line, but that is how a company is successful.

What I dislike

I wish they would have given more of the long term employees a chance at advancement in the supervisory field. I was overlooked for not having a degree at the time, but the new bosses never lasted long. I think if I, or some of my coworkers, were given a chance, we could have proven to be good leaders.

Suggestions for improvement

It's a small thing, but maybe giving out company tshirts, hats, etc. to make people proud of where they work and show off that the company is proud of employees. Also, maybe a small cash bonus at Christmas time, it doesn't have to be much, even a token amount, but it would have to be fair across the board, not depending on position.

Company Culture

good teamwork

Internal Communication



working together a must

Work-Life Balance

company first

Support from management


Freedom to work independently

average supervision

Inclusive / Diverse

never saw anything out of ordinary

Gender Equality

no visible difference

Attitude towards older colleagues

no different

Office / Work Environment


Environmental Friendliness

don't recall really

Handicapped Accessibility

not in the factory part

Workplace Safety

well trained people

Overall compensation for your work

good for the area

Job Security

worked several years

Company Image

good place to work

Career Development

some favoritism

Challenging Work

high stress