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Lockheed Martin, FocalplaneLockheed Martin, FocalplaneLockheed Martin, FocalplaneLockheed Martin, FocalplaneLockheed Martin, FocalplaneLockheed Martin, Focalplane

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  • Jan 8, 2016

Lockheed Martin - poor technical management...

company Lockheed Martin, Focalplane
City Santa Barbara
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Former job since 2013
Position Others
Department Design

Company culture

One word for company culture: micromanagement and bully tactics.

Seriously, I literally had a boss that put his finger in my chest because I used the wrong words in his view. I'd been speaking with these customers long before he and I ever met. My ideas and thoughts had been shared for some time. But when I failed to present my own thoughts as his, he scolded me with his fingers bouncing off my chest, saying "who do you think you are? Do you think you're the boss here?" The second guy I called boss was originally my internal customer. He introduced me to his program manager who decided that on my first day of work, I represented all of SBF, so I was starting off as a failure... That counterpart was the guy that kept sending back product for "failures" that were never had requirements. That product was mysteriously just not good enough - millions of dollars wasted by this guy. I went back through the inventory of everything that passed and failed over time and helped my customer develop specs.

I was hand picked and transferred SBF to take over the technical management of their top production lines and fix their biggest issues. I played a major role in that and was tossed aside when I didn't bow deep enough to the new management.

Support from Management

Technical leaders are far less knowledgable than the staff. The Fellow Engineer that helped found SBF has been given very little insight into day to day problems with the design that plague full rate production than the executive staff. Design is done by PowerPoint - tells you how much engineering is valued. And Orlqndo (mothership Lockheed Martin) runs the show with an iron fist. Literally, people are afraid when they come visit. Technical leadership actually directs the staff to twist things so that they look good.

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