lululemon athletica: What's it like to work here?

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I work in an environment that values honest feedback, and provides developmental training for your career and yourself.

EmployeeWorked at Lululemon USA Inc. in Sumner, WA at the time of review.

What I like

My company offers an onsite workout facility for free, which includes a personal trainer, yoga, bootcamp and barre classes, as well as an additional $200 credit card to spend on any exercise class outside of the on sight gym. They provide opportunities to attend physical and mental health and wellness seminars, provides a strong work/life balance, and encourages personal connections between all employees by hosting a monthly event, such as a company barbecue, company game days (where you spend anywhere between an hour to the full work day playing sports games, sending the employees to amusement parks, or the beach). They also strongly encourage working out, especially on a stressful work day.

What I dislike

I feel that the current team I am not could use additional members during peak season(s). My manager and I are the only two that handle and manage all of the imports (customs compliance wise) for the entire U.S., which is 70% of the company's business.

Suggestions for improvement

To be honest, there aren't many improvements I would make, except for one: providing somewhat of a "cross training" throughout the departments for everyone to have a better understanding and knowledge of what each department does (even though there are several departments, even a little cheat sheet would suffice), and the important role they play in making the company successful.

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