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1 review from job candidates

Poor communication, unprofessional hiring and recruitment process

CandidateApplied as Engineering at Magic Leap, Inc. in 2018 and was deferred.

Suggestions for improvement

Coming from another VR/AR company with lots of relevant experience and education for the position. I can say I'm extremely disappointed at the lack of professionalism by Magic Leap's senior executive recruiter regarding the recruiting/hiring process.

At the VR startup company I work in, we use the exact same Greenhouse tools to evaluate new applicants and respond to them with in 2 weeks if my company plans to move on or make an offer. My team uses Greenhouse tools evaluate candidates, and the HR/recruiter/talent director person will often remind my team to submit their evaluation, so we can keep the process moving.

I applied for an engineering position at Magic Leap only to be left in limbo as to the status of my application for months once I gave the final interview. After going through two phone screenings, and an entire day in person interview meeting 6 people (with 2 video conf calls to Plantation, FL) . The entire process took about 3-4 weeks, but 3 months after emailing the recruiter and HR departments they couldn’t tell me if they have moved on or are still uncertain about the position. My experience with Magic Leap hiring process was frustrating and unprofessional

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