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Massachusetts General Hospital:What's it like to work here?

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Massachusetts General Hospital experience report

  • 08.Aug 2018
  • Employee

Loved working for 26 years. Even after a TBI meant accommodations. A new manager refused so I had to go out on disabili


Suggestions for improvement

  • There needs to be a place for employees to go to get recourse if they feel they are wrongly being picked on. Human Resources and Employee Assistance are really no help.

What I like about the company

It has a good pension plan, as well as credits that you can use towards your health, dental, vision insurance. I loved working in my department for 26 years, as it felt like a family. It was the same group of people and we even went to wedding’s together. When I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, my coworkers noticed I wasn’t the same (something my husband had been telling me) and talked with me about getting help. Since they were “family” and I knew they cared, I agreed. So after testing, it was determined that I needed a few accommodations, which my manager happily put in place. So I was able to do my job, and also get some Cognitive Training, thanks to my “Work Family”. The doctor’s that worked with me in my early years are now the President of MGH, as well as other top Officials. Yet, when I passed them in the hallway they always said hello or gave me a hug and asked about my daughter.They never forget where they started or who they started with. We always talked about our kids, who were toddlers back then. So even though there are thousands of people who work at the main campus, if you work there long enough you get to know many of them. David in the mailroom, Rolando the Ambassador, Victor in the Cashier’s office........

What I dislike about the company

After my manager retired during my 26th year (I was her first hire) we had to welcome a new manager. At first she seemed nice. Then somebody flipped a switch, and the devil appeared! She would scream at everyone then be nice for a few minutes then scream again. Four people left for different jobs, she pushed two out by changing the hours of their positions knowing they couldn’t do those hours. Then she told me she didn’t think I could do my job and sent me to Occupational Health. I knew the nurse there who told me that she was making all sorts of crazy charges against me. Like having slurred speech, and others, but mostly that my TBI was interfering with my job. So I went on FMLA and had to have all the testing done over again. So after 1 month, I met with our Human Resource person, and my Manager, with the results of all the tests. I just needed a few accommodations, mostly being able to complete one thing before being asked to do another. So I would return to work the following day. Then I asked my manager what was up with all those other charges? She stood up and mumbled “I needed to see if you could do your job”. Well, I did return for about 5 months of pure hell. My manager never did follow any of the accommodations, she actually had me switching desks, twice a day, which never let me complete anything I started. Then she would email me from her office, ten feet away. Then she would come by and ask if I did it. I tried going to Employee Assistance but there was nothing much they could do. So I went to our Human Resource person and he told me that my best bet would be to go out on disability. So he called my doctor. When I went my doctor found that my 5’7” frame was under 100 pounds. I was scheduled for a small surgical procedure the next month and she wouldn’t let me have it. She said my job was slowly killing me. So I went out on disability. So I wish there had been some recourse for a bad manager. Nobody remains from the original “family

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