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Massachusetts General 

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I feel that Mass General Hospital is a great place to work and have many opportunities to grow. The pay can be better

EmployeeWorked in Administration at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA at the time of review.

What I like

Since I have been with the company I have moved up in a different position. The balance between work and home is great. The benefits are really great. But just like any work place there seems to be a lot of politics in the work place. The pay isn't bad but it can be better.

What I dislike

The human resource department. I feel if you go to your human resource and speak to them privately it should be private. In some cases your conversation isn't confidential.

Suggestions for improvement

In some department a person may be advanced into a supervisor position because they are well liked but may not have the experience to handle the job

Company Culture

The culture is a positive and we can learn different culture from our teammate


Sometimes encourage to work together but you also be shout down on some of your thoughts

Work-Life Balance

Great with work-life balance

Support from management

Sometime I feel like I the support from management

Freedom to work independently

Sometimes trustis there to work independently.

Gender Equality

Great with equality for women

Attitude towards older colleagues

Age isn't an issue as an employee older employees are treated fairly

Office / Work Environment

Overall a safe environment but slow computers and cold offices

Environmental Friendliness

Very concern and show awareness for the evironmrnt

Handicapped Accessibility

Since the work place is a hospital so handicap accessible

Workplace Safety

Lots of training on safety

Overall compensation for your work

I do feel that the pay could be better but it's not bad

Company Image

Mass General Is a great place to work

Career Development

There is always growth within the hospital

Challenging Work

I deal with some nervous people who are afraid that they will not be able to pay their hospital bill and most of the time they want help on coverage

Internal Communication

Inclusive / Diverse

Job Security