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Massachusetts General 

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The company itself is great. It does a great job retaining its employees and trying hard to make the workplace positive

EmployeeWorked at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA at the time of review.

What I like

There have been times that I have been unhappy and the HR department as been fantastic at trying to rectify the situation. They do an annual employee picnic which is always fun. The give cost of living raises most years.

What I dislike

It is a hospital And it does not give paid time off for maternity leave. Twice now I’ve had a baby with no compensation. It’s almost like you are punished for having a child. During some hospital events to celebrate employees, usually the only people who get to attend are upper management.

Suggestions for improvement

I would give paid leave for paternal or maternal parents. Also I would take away sharing of maternity leave for employees who both work for the company. I would give parking credits as it can be very pricey.

Company Culture

My coworkers for the most part are wonderful and support. Rarely to you feel like you are alone. There is always someone around to help

Work-Life Balance

My department makes you feel guilty if you choose family over the company

Support from management

My manager is a micromanager and sometimes makes work difficult when it doesn’t have to be.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I hate to say it but I feel loke older employees are not valued as much as they should be.

Challenging Work

It can be mentally and physically draining most days. You are on your feet practically the whole shift.

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