Mattel: What's it like to work here?

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I worked for The creator of American Girl dolls and valued the product and its educational value. Mattel deminished it.

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Former EmployeeWorked at Mattel in Minneapolis, MN.

What I like

Clean work area. Met a diverse group of people. Sold a product I believed in. Customers were excited to be in store. Encouraging children to use the dolls for fun and education and imagination. Suggestions of ideas that they could use to have fun and real

What I dislike

Inconsistent rules being followed by managers. There was a clear advantage to employees working with certain managers and those employees were rewarded for doing the exact same job I was doing. I was employee of the month but it was not acknowledged by my

Suggestions for improvement

Longer training on equipment. Buddy system for at least two days on the job. Managers required to all keep the same expectations for their team. No manager being allowed to be lack while another manager enforcing everything to a T. A snowstorm should allo

Company Culture

Coworkers could not be trusted. False reports were made, employees were set up to fail. Sabotage was done.

Internal Communication

The first shift gathered for updates and those updates were then put in a binder for future shifts to read. Those updates were almost never in the binder. If you asked a human for todays updates you got talked to about spending time talking to coworkers.


There were 2-3 extremes uncooperative coworkers that refused to work well together. Instead of the manager working with them, the manager gave me the responsibility of trying to make the coworker change their behavior or for me to pick up the slack.

Work-Life Balance

Most managers would not take the time to listen to what you had going on in life that may effect your work life. No extra considerations were made. Even in a snowstorm that you tried to get to work on time by leaving two hours early for a normal 20 minute

Support from management

Most managers were not supportive at all. You might get in good with a manager but you had to play their game. It was degrading.

Freedom to work independently

Managers and leads were always lurking behind you and criticizing you without asking you for clarification. They went with their assumptions and never backed down.

Inclusive / Diverse

At entry level there was diversity but ideas were not encouraged to share. Even though we were the ones doing the actual job, we were not encouraged to talk.

Gender Equality

There were many female managers but no females or minorites above the manager level.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I never saw age discrimination in getting a job here.

Office / Work Environment

This was true and they worked hard to regulate temperatures in a difficult space. The break room was totally inadequate with only 10-12 chairs, one microwave, one small fridge for over 40 people on staff at any given time. It was designed to discourage ta

Environmental Friendliness

Recycling containers were available in all appropriate places.

Handicapped Accessibility

There was an elevator but space was not always available to move around in some areas which meant some people couldn't work in some positions.

Workplace Safety

Safety was important and regular meetings were given on the ways to use equipment and space.

Overall compensation for your work

Starting pay was normal but getting any bump up was made difficult because of their policies of getting black marks. Three black marks and you are gone. Any black marks and no raise. Removing black marks proved impossible but I felt the reasons for keepin

Job Security

Yes and no. The position is there but being happy in that position was being made impossible. Being set up for failure and trying to keep ahead of the game playing is stressful and demeaning.

Company Image

I am proud of the product but not the company.

Career Development

There were opportunities for advancement but there was a clear favoritism going on.

Challenging Work

It shouldn't have been if coworkers had worked as a team. There were so many unnecessary rules made so you would fail. Coworkers didn't cooperate and lied etc.