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Overall, you are working in healthcare at a facility that has great resources and access to a lot of great medical tools

EmployeeWorked at Mayo Clinic Health System -St. James in Mankato, MN at the time of review.

What I like

I enjoy making a difference in the lives of many patients. There are many intelligent medical professionals that work there and amazing to work along side them.

What I dislike

How much it is micro-managed and the healthcare benefits could be better.

Suggestions for improvement

I would take away quit a bit of the administration. Higher more providers and divide up their work load more. Have upper management visit the departments more. Better benefits for employees. The discounts we get hardly make a difference because the store sales are better.

Company Culture

Mayo is positively there for the patient, 100%. Which, sometimes as an employee you feel left behind. There are many managers above you, that you feel like you don’t get to make much of an impact on your work area.

Internal Communication

They communicate well, through email but I feel a lot gets lost online. We may not always have the time to sit at the computer and read their intranet site pages, and may miss some info due to that.


They have some very good core values they strive to achieve. It makes for a good work environment. You do feel part of a team.

Work-Life Balance

The providers are loaded down with a lot of work and expectations. We’ve had a whole department leave because of the demand. The high work load trickles down to the nurses and Everyone else.

Support from management

No upper management doesn’t visit our department ever. They don’t consult you if there is going to be a change they want.

Freedom to work independently

I feel they don’t have much trust in their employees, just because of how many managers they have. Everything seems micro-managed

Inclusive / Diverse

They have very strong core values that diversity is part of. They do not discriminate.

Gender Equality

They do try and be neutral to any kind of biased. There still are more males in higher up positions than females.

Attitude towards older colleagues

They treat everyone equally. They offer no more special treatment if you are older. I think sometimes big corporations in general tend to force some older employees into retirement.

Office / Work Environment

The facility is clean we do have access to to very good equipment.

Environmental Friendliness

They do recycle and try to be environmentally friendly as best as they can.

Handicapped Accessibility

They must meet regulations for all that. And currently are doing construction to upgrade the patient rooms, to offer more privacy.

Workplace Safety

All staff goes through orientation. I think some stuff may get lost and presumed understood. But they do a good job at sending out learning modules.

Overall compensation for your work

I feel working for a health care facility, our healthcare insurance could be better. Once you reach a certain pay they will cap you, and you won’t get a raise.

Company Image

I am proud to work there. I love the work. But I wish the upper management were more open to listening to their employees down on the working floors. We have so much to offer to help make a difference.

Career Development

There are career advancement opportunities if you have the right background. They do offer training and scholarships for support.

Challenging Work

I have found the job for me. I find working with patients very rewarding and the job itself challenging. Everyday is different because of the patients. I like the challenge.

Job Security