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Mayo Clinic is a great company to work for. Time off is generous and benefits are good.

EmployeeWorked at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ at the time of review.

What I like

I feel secure at Mayo Clinic. I’ve been an employee for 10 years and have always felt my pay and benefits are excellent. Pay increases are yearly and are generous. They are flexible with scheduling and allow people to try and work the hours that benefit the company and employee as well. It is growing quickly and I feel they strive to be as cutting edge as possible. Excellent ratings among hospitals and I see a good future staying with Mayo.

What I dislike

I think that communication should and could be better. Also I think sometimes employee moral can be down which I think could be addressed with more management environment to make sure people are happy in their positions.

Suggestions for improvement

Larger work area as more us being pushed into less of a space.

Company Culture

Mayo is an excellent company to work for with good pay and benefits

Internal Communication

Sometimes communication between shifts is lacking making it hard to know when changes are made


Sometimes certain employees have more pull than others

Work-Life Balance

Good time off benefits

Support from management

Management lacks in communication

Freedom to work independently

My shift doesn’t have a supervisor but during the day there seems to be a lot of supervision

Gender Equality

Mostly women in my department

Office / Work Environment

Often to cold and the air quality can be quwstionable

Environmental Friendliness

It’s implied but not pushed

Workplace Safety

Safety training is consistent

Overall compensation for your work

Good pay and yearly pay increases

Company Image

Good company with excellent reviews, fair pay and good benefits

Career Development

Opportunities are there for those who want to move up

Inclusive / Diverse

Attitude towards older colleagues

Handicapped Accessibility

Job Security

Challenging Work