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McKenzie Regional 

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MWMC really is a great place to work. My co-workers are family AND friends. I am so blessed to work there.

EmployeeWorked at McKenzie-Willamette Regional Medical Center Associates, LLC in Springfield, OR at the time of review.

What I like

Whenever an employee is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, we all get to work raising money to help them through that tough period. When non-physical personal tragedy strikes, people you hardly know will come to you and express their concern for you and ask what they can do to help. Family isn't just flesh and blood. Family is the people you choose to let into your life. I have a large family.

What I dislike

Staffing ratios, Press Gainey scores, treating hospitalizations like a trip to a spa. Patient satisfaction sucks as a way to judge a medical facility. We are continuously pushed to do more in less time. This has the risk of causing patient harm. God forbid that a patient doesn't get their call light answered in 5 seconds. I dislike the idea that we get reimbursed based on patient satisfaction. I also dislike that the government and insurers seem to be making it nearly impossible to hit any of the required benchmarks.

Suggestions for improvement

Better staffing ratios, safer parking, discounts on cafeteria meals,

Company Culture

I spend a lot of time with my co-workers. We are a team in every sense of the word. They are family.

Internal Communication

No employer gets 5 stars here. Every employer has some aspect of communication that needs improvement


There is absolutely a culture of teamwork between all the different disciplines. We need each other

Work-Life Balance

12 hour shifts make it difficult to maintain an ideal work-life balance. Often, we are called upon to work extra hours when a co-worker calls in sick. That does put a strain on us physically and emotionally

Support from management

The only caveat here is that we are expected to work with crazy loads of patients and our boss is continually watching our "PI" to try to keep out productivity high with the fewest number of staff working.

Freedom to work independently

I think my department gets more opportunity to work independently than some others do

Inclusive / Diverse

I haven't personally seen or heard of any probolems but that doesn't mean there aren't any

Gender Equality

Most of the staff are women--it is a hospital. Most of the doctors are men. Managerial positions are largely filled by women.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I have seen more than a few times where an employee was "encouraged" to "retire" to make room for younger people to take their place. Some people felt forced to "retire" in order to get out from under the pressure of being an older person working there.

Office / Work Environment

The newer parts of the building are very comfortable and up-to-date. The older part of the building is difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures. There isn't much storage area and the equipment storage areas are often very crowded which makes getting equipment out quite difficult.

Environmental Friendliness

We could absolutely do a better job recycling.

Handicapped Accessibility

There are plenty of handicapped parking spaces and we have valet service available to assist those with trouble walking so they don't become too tired just walking into the hospital.

Workplace Safety

We are encouraged to pay attention to the environment around us at all times when we are working. We receive inservices about proper use of emergency equipment use and do regular drills and mock codes to help increase everybody's comfort level handling dangerous work environments

Overall compensation for your work

As far as I know, my pay is comparable

Company Image

35 years there--I am very proud to call MWMC my home

Career Development

I haven't heard a lot of complaints so I guess we are doing a good job.

Challenging Work

We deal with a wide variety of patients every day. Critically ill patients in the ICU or ER, newborns with breathing trouble. Every day presents unique challenges

Job Security