McLane Company Inc. : What's it like to work here?

McLane Company Inc.

Great Policies, Terrible Leadership

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at Mclane in Aurora, CO.

What I like

They have good policies and good intentions.

What I dislike

It was a company in transition at the time and it was pretty bumpy. Maybe things are better now.

Suggestions for improvement

I don't think that any of the leadership team that was there when I left is still there, so it's possible it is a better environment now.

Company Culture

There was some nice cohesion among employees, but mostly out of bonding together to commiserate over a shared dislike of management.

Internal Communication

Swear words don't bother me, but when that is the only form of communication, things aren't getting done properly.


I believe there was some good team work with the rank and file. There were many that seemed to support each other to work towards common goals, but don't turn your back on any member of leadership or they will put a knife in it.

Work-Life Balance

This did improve. One manager had a habit of calling people at all hours of the night, but after he left, there seemed to be a decent respect for personal time.

Support from management

My first manager there was incredibly supportive. The last one I had rarely responded to emails or calls.

Freedom to work independently

I loved the autonomy, but there was little direction or support when I needed it.

Inclusive / Diverse

There was some diversity, but inclusion is pushing it. There was definitely a good ol' boy mentality that drove some incredibly inappropriate conversations behind closed doors.

Gender Equality

That was getting better, but I heard leadership say some things about our women drivers that would have had lawyers seeing dollar signs.

Handicapped Accessibility

People who weren't handicapped routinely parked in handicapped parking.

Workplace Safety

There some people that took safety seriously.

Overall compensation for your work

The compensation was definitely not commensurate with what they were having me do.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Office / Work Environment

Environmental Friendliness

Job Security

Company Image

Career Development

Challenging Work