McLane Company Inc. : What's it like to work here?

McLane Company Inc.

Until Finished "They Are For Real"

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Production at McLane in Denver, CO.

What I like

I do like the fact that the starting pay is pretty good that tuition reimbursement is a plus the CDL driver training is a plus

Suggestions for improvement

This company should be ran 24 hours a day 5 days a week they also need two 12-hour shifts so the employees can get home to their families at a decent time add an on-site daycare!!

Company Culture

I work for this company six months Fort Worth the Oak Grove location I've never been worked like that before in my life 17 18 19 our days back to back when I first started and someone must have told these people that this was illegal because they started working us 16 hours after that back to back. The schedule time to come in changes every other day by 1 are 2 hours you might come in at 2 a.m. and get off at 6 p.m.

Work-Life Balance

You will have no life you will be tired mentally and physically if you're trying to lose weight trying to get no sleep if you don't want to pick the kids up from daycare on time if you want to have a accident driving home after working 16 hours for 3-4days in a row this is the place for you !!!The reason why employees at these billion dollar companies start unions so the companies are not taking advantage of them like this. I was employed here six months and I work the same amount of hours as a person who has been full-time on a job for one whole year. The money was good but this will get old real quick best of luck.

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