McLane Company Inc. : What's it like to work here?

McLane Company Inc.

Best job ever

Former EmployeeWorked in Administration at McLane/Eastern, Inc. in Baldwinsville, NY.

What I like

Job security, fun, and great benefits

What I dislike


Suggestions for improvement

Females in leadership roles

Internal Communication

Very good if you listen and track


My coworkers all worked together well and were rewarded for a job well done.

Work-Life Balance

It is a very busy business and necessary to work hard to be successful

Support from management

My manager was highly effective and easy to work for and with

Freedom to work independently

Know your job and you are free to do so

Gender Equality

As a female I felt they lacked female leadership and did not seem to want to fill leadership positions with females

Attitude towards older colleagues

Always felt valued

Office / Work Environment

Hands down they do more for their employees then any other employer

Environmental Friendliness

I truly enjoyed working for McLane and felt that it was a two way street

Handicapped Accessibility

I worked with a man that was handicapped and he had no problems physically or acceptance

Workplace Safety

They are very big on workplace safety and continually educate their employees

Overall compensation for your work

Pay per hr us just average but I feel that with Benefits and what they do for their employees it’s great

Job Security

As long as your attendance and work attitude is good u have a job

Career Development

They advance within and offer great educational opportunities

Challenging Work

Was all ways challenged

Company Culture

Inclusive / Diverse

Company Image