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It could be a great company....if it listened to it's employees. But the higher ups are just money hungry

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Administration at The Methodist Hospitals Inc in Gary, IN at the time of review.

What I like

My only positive experience is the one good coworker I have. But they even split us up and we rarely work together anymore...we are the only ones that work at work.

What I dislike

Pretty much every part, the higher ups don't listen to any of the lower employees. The company could be so much better if they just listened to our suggestions and had a little bit of communication from time to time.

Suggestions for improvement

Communication communication communication!

Company Culture

No one works as a team, everyone is every man/woman for themselves

Internal Communication

We once had an entire workplace shift where registration went to a completely different part of the one told us.


I work with all women, and our "team lead" likes to pit one against the other

Work-Life Balance

I feel like I live at my job and only visit my home.

Freedom to work independently

Half my co workers are on the internet doing anything BUT their work half the time.

Office / Work Environment

The other day our air conditioning went out, the original people we use to fix the a/c couldn't come out that day and my boss was in no hurry to call anyone else or do was 92 degrees and I'm pregnant

Challenging Work

My job is really very simple and rewarding as long as the patients aren't jerks

Support from management

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security

Company Image

Career Development