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If you are looking for a promising career with great pay and benefits and the option to be promoted this is the place

Former C-Suite / LeadershipWorked at Microsoft in Chicago, IL.

What I like

My best personal experience is starting windows development programs and testing the windows products

What I dislike

There is no department that will be disapproved

Suggestions for improvement

To be honest this company is the leader in its industry

Company Culture

We work as one team which makes us successful

Internal Communication

We are like one big family at our company


Our employees are not only friends they are family

Work-Life Balance

We don't over work our employees and have an even workplace and life balance

Support from management

Management supports all employees 100 percent

Freedom to work independently

We trust our employees with our lives

Inclusive / Diverse

We support all and any opinions

Gender Equality

We treat all employees equally

Attitude towards older colleagues

Everyone is treated equally no excuses

Office / Work Environment

We have state of the art facilities

Environmental Friendliness

We put the environment first and is recurred

Handicapped Accessibility

Our facilities are accessible to anyone

Workplace Safety

We put safety first at all times

Overall compensation for your work

The average pay is well above average

Job Security

Everyone's position is stable and always there if you come to work

Company Image

We have the best work place environment and we work as one

Career Development

There is potential to grow from any department

Challenging Work

The work is only challenging if you make it