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Be a leader to gain trust of your employees and help them understand and work as a team

C-Suite / LeadershipWorked at Archway (Microsoft) in Fargo, ND at the time of review.

What I like

Well where hard workers we try to meet people needs by explaining things the right way

What I dislike

Not getting the job done but completing it

Suggestions for improvement

More opinions benefits more improvment more employees Hired

Company Culture

Working hard to make this world more efficient

Internal Communication

Meeting different people


Make sure they understand their job by explaining

Work-Life Balance

Getting things done the right way

Support from management


Freedom to work independently

Gaining trust

Inclusive / Diverse

Helping people meet expections

Gender Equality


Attitude towards older colleagues

Give them simple jobs

Office / Work Environment

Proper dress code

Environmental Friendliness

Sharing each other opinions

Handicapped Accessibility


Workplace Safety

Making sure things are in order and clean

Overall compensation for your work

100 percent

Job Security

Cause I'm a role model of the company

Company Image

I like to help them understand

Career Development

Working together as a team

Challenging Work

It's all about meeting expections