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If you are looking for a company that will treat you well in this area, you have found it.

Former EmployeeWorked at Microsoft Licensing, GP in Boston, MA.

What I like

If you are looking to go into licencing, go into it here with microsoft. They treat you right and give you lots of great benafits. You get employee discounts, a good amount of vaction days after working a while, and many opertunities to grow within the co

What I dislike

Honestly no company is perfect, but I honestly can not think of anything to be improved. I'm sure there is, but in my experience I think of nothing to be improved upon. It is all very good

Suggestions for improvement

Like I said before, the company really doesn't have anything that I can think of that they need to improve upon

Company Culture

Great Company to work for. Great benafits and pay

Internal Communication

They communicate well with employees, provide you will all of the tools needed to acomplish the tasks of the day, and treat you very well


Everyone gets along very well and encourages all to do their best

Work-Life Balance

Everyone works hard, but at the end of the day are able to go home and have times to spend with their family

Support from management

Everyone is very helpful

Freedom to work independently

Absolutly. Everyone is always hard at work

Inclusive / Diverse

All ideas are listend to and considerd

Gender Equality


Attitude towards older colleagues

They are treated with respect just like everyone else is

Office / Work Environment

Everyone is always kind and that makes it very easy to focus on work

Environmental Friendliness

The company makes sure employees do not litter, and make sure all recycle

Handicapped Accessibility

There are ramps and handicap accessable bathrooms

Workplace Safety

Everything is done according to protocal

Overall compensation for your work

I get payed a fair and reasonable sallary

Job Security


Company Image

I defanitly was

Career Development

The company provides many oppertunities to grow within the company.

Challenging Work

Defanitly challenging. I was always fixing another promblom everyday