Myrtle Street OBGYN: What's it like to work here?

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$12.00 to 14.50/hr providers must start before 7:00am in some locations. experience in OBGYN and phlebotomy preferred.

CandidateApplied as Medical Assistant/phlebotomist in 2017 and later declined an offer.

Suggestions for improvement

Save all communications from start of applications, they with drew offer after first interview and they were not specific as what they originally wanted. I was interview by 3 women who themselves could not decide at that point whether to hire. Recruiters are sometime's not the best people to screen since your working under a license provider anyway. They are too picky and for what their offering they have no reason to be. If they wanted an R.N to fill the spot they should have specified.

Interview questions

  • question asked: how you deal with difficult patients? discretely ask how everything is going, or call security. questions asked: Do you multi task? yes, I can answer phones, book appointments, intake patients and do vitals. Assist in procedures. I wear many hats.
  • The reason why my job changes when asked: I told the interviewers at the time of interview; my boss is retiring thus placing a shelf life on my job and I needed something in place before his due date.
  • Questions of how I could deal with being at the office before 7:00 am? I said no problem. I just needed a job. They didn't seem to care but just keep me moving on in the process which total time was less then 15minutes with 3 women in room. I felt like I was a subject of the coven and whet they would do to me.

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