Nationwide Children's Hospital: What's it like to work here?

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Overall I've had a great experience at my job. Everyone works very good together. My employer's very fair with pay, etc.

EmployeeWorked at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH at the time of review.

What I like

The environment I work in is very positive and welcoming. My boss gives us gifts each holiday which has built a very good relationship with all of us workers. My boss gives very fair pay and bonus opportunities. We get a good amount of vacation with a lot of it being paid. We also don't have to buy our uniforms which is really nice actually becausue they can be expensive. The company always provides the newest technology and tools for us to use. I love my job!

What I dislike

I believe the company I work for could give more career growth opportunities and not be as dismissal when we have questions.

Suggestions for improvement

I think nurses us nurses should have a bigger lounge with more appliances because there are about 50 nurses that use it and there just isn't enough room.

Company Culture

My work environment is very positive and uplifting.

Internal Communication

All of my coworkers get along and even hangout outside of work.


Everyone is honest and trustworthy.

Work-Life Balance

I have good hours that allow me to spend a good enough time with my boyfriend.

Support from management

Sometimes it is hard to seek answers to questions but it's understandable in such a stressful setting.

Freedom to work independently

Nursing already is a very trusting field so my coworkers are as well.

Inclusive / Diverse

There is lots of diversity in nursing and everyone is accepted.

Gender Equality

I work with most women and my boss is actually a women.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Everyone treats everyone equal.

Office / Work Environment

The hospital is bound to carry sickness but it is as good as it can get I believe.

Environmental Friendliness

We are always trying to make things aware to help people.

Handicapped Accessibility

Very handicap accessible.

Workplace Safety

We have many protocols that we go over often to ensure safety.

Overall compensation for your work

I have fair compensation laws.

Company Image

My boss is understanding.

Career Development

I believe this is over looked a little and wish there were some more career growth opportunities.

Challenging Work

Nursing is hard but its worth it.

Job Security