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Benefits are exceptional but certain executives are bullies and there is a significant gender pay gap. Change is needed

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What I like

When I first started working there, it was great. Positive culture, everyone happy, people stayed around a long time. The work was challenging but not overwhelming and it was a genuinely great place to work. Even now, many of my coworkers are dedicated, talented individuals, who all want to see the company succeed.

What I dislike

The CEO and the CMO are the primary causes of the morale problem that started after our founder and CEO retired. Staff are bullied regularly, almost no one gets promoted as they prefer to hire from outside. They seem happy that a lot of long time employees have retired or resigned even though morale is at a low. We have had way too many reorganizations to count and nothing ever changes. They care about optics and appearances but not much more. Pretty major changes in attitude will be needed at the senior level to restore the company to what it was under our founder's leadership.

Suggestions for improvement

In addition to the previous answer about senior management having a major change in attitude, I would close the obvious gender pay gap that exists and they would compensate all staff fairly. Instead of overfunding their (management only) pension plan to take advantage of tax shelters while simultaneously not giving bargaining unit staff (we have a union) a decent raise for several years, they would acknowledge that it was unreasonable to widen the gap with our last contract by freezing steps on the salary scale. They would also address the workload problem in some departments. People who leave are not consistently replaced and it just results in extra work on remaining staff.

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