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I have been here for nearly 7 years and I want to stay for 7 years more. I am proud to work for this organization.


What I like

I am proud to work here and believe in the primary mission of NFIB: to be the voice of small business owners both federal and statewide. I have always had a good working environment and have a good boss who I consider a friend and want to do good work for. The company has always been very flexible as well if I am ever in need of time away from the office, particularly for the birth of my daughter.

What I dislike

We are under a new president and I feel communication has not been as strong in the past. I also feel that the new supervisor for my department is learning on the job too much and is not as strong or talented in her field as the supervisor she replaced. It is still too much of a feeling out process going on with the new regime.

Suggestions for improvement

More home days. More activities out of the office. Maybe a take your pet to work day. Offer bonuses (which we don't).

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