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Noodles & Company is an innovative, fun and exciting place to work. The international flair of the menu is amazing!

Former EmployeeWorked at Noodles & Company in Bethesda, MD.

What I like

Noodles & Company has diverse, welcoming hiring policies that many other fast-casual places lack. From day one to the very end, I felt excited and proud to work at this great place. Everyone is trained well, and each person is given a chance to shine in his or her area of strength. Exceptional workers were publically recognized, with opportunities for personal enrichment and leadership positions available to those who were the best. Management worked very closely with the employees, focusing on strengths and challenges in a realistic way, and everyone was given a chance to shine (even the more difficult personalities who'd worked there). The menu was thoroughly explained and executed by each member, with cross-training being a priority so that different workers could cover different stations as needed. Customers were taken very seriously in their experiences and were offered constant occasions to give their feedback, which the company would look closely at whether at the local store or company wide. The menu was exciting and popular, and it wasn't unusual to have a large number of faithful customers come in whom we knew by name and his or her preferred orders. The corporate employees would regularly visit the local stores to make sure that the highest of sanitation, storage, and cooking standards were met. The menu would stay about the same most of the year, but new and more tasty alternatives would be introduced yearly to add some variety to the usual fare. Noodles & Company is a family friendly place, and overall it presents a fun atmosphere that people of all ages could enjoy all year round. Whenever any challenges, concerns, problems, or other issues came up between the customer and the store in any way at all, efforts were made to promptly and sincerely resolve them in the customer's favor, as each customer was called a "guest" and highly respected. Noodles is a great place and I will never forget the months of excitement I had there!

What I dislike

Management would often be overwhelmed by their responsibilities to the point of burnout. There were times when customer volume was so intense that it would be excruciatingly difficult to maintain the highest sanitation, cooking, and time standards to everyone's liking. Promotions tended to come after a LONG wait, with marginal pay grade increases. Injuries - like burns, cuts, scalds, scrapes, jams, and allergic reaction to chemicals - were very commonplace although never pleasant. Sometimes, staff was very slim in numbers, meaning LONG, grueling shifts throughout the week (overtime was keenly avoided, even if inevitable). Catering to customers with allergy issues was a very difficult accomodation to make, given the constant contact of most tools and surfaces to gluten, shellfish, peanuts, eggs, and other common allergens. Parking was pretty hard to come by in this urban setting, with an expensive parking garage or meters the only options for commuters who weren't already walking down that street. Apparently, promotions for shift supervisors were very slow, with several waiting years and years before their due contributions and sacrifices for the company were rewarded with management positions (at the same or other stores).

Suggestions for improvement

Improve promotional turnovers for shift supervisors wishing to move into management positions. Have assistant managers at all stores, as well as ample numbers of shift supervisors to spread the burden and avoid upper staff burnout. Offer customers more chances to pick new items to place on the menu via the receipt feedback forms. Allow for inter-store cooperation and interaction, to foster a sense of company pride and solidarity. Continue to hire a diverse background of workers, allowing the individuals chances to address store-wide issues from time to time. Watch that work-life balances don't become too lopsided, even for workaholic employees.

Company Culture

there was a sense of fun and cooperation in the workplace culture I was in

Internal Communication

Management kept close communication with its workers


Good communication was constantly encouraged and rewarded

Work-Life Balance

Work tended to steal time away from personal, off-work activities

Support from management

there was a sense of fun and cooperation in the workplace culture I was in

Freedom to work independently

Delegation and entrusting duties was encouraged

Inclusive / Diverse

For the most part, the contributions of individuals were acknowledged, though the management's vision dominated

Gender Equality

Women were treated fairly and had equal opportunities for advancement at several levels of the company

Attitude towards older colleagues

I, as an older worker, was given ample chances to prove myself and advance into leadership positions

Office / Work Environment

The environment was fairly comfortable to work in all year round

Environmental Friendliness

Management was always making sure that what was placed in trash cans were not out of place (eg., could be recycled)

Handicapped Accessibility

Handicap accessible ramps and tables were easily accessed

Workplace Safety

Worker safety was emphasized on a regular basis

Overall compensation for your work

I think that promotions were tough to get, and it took a while to get them, if at all.

Job Security

The position was stable as long as I was faithful to show up and contributed well. But the company closed down that and several other stores in the area, which is troubling.

Company Image

Being a Noodles employee was a thing of price and achievement for me

Career Development

Despite my age and other limiting factors, opportunities were given to me for enrichment and growth within the store

Challenging Work

long hours, fast pace, multiple possibilities that present themselves to the team all day long