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NORC at the University of Chicago:What's it like to work here?

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NORC at the University of Chicago experience report

  • 05.Nov 2018
  • Employee

A call center geared towards completing phone surveys across the US. Good pay, part-time work. Great retirement plan.


Suggestions for improvement

  • Have more security personnel in the parking lot, due to several car break-ins/theft. Employees who complete 50+ surveys should be publicly recognized. Some computers on the main floor need to be upgraded by getting newer keyboards especially. The break room vending machine needs to be repaired more often.

What I like about the company

Great community of supervisors and management that truly want employees to succeed. Very flexible hours; schedules for all types of people including students. Paid training. Multiple survey projects across all areas of life. Start pay rate for entry level Telephone Interviewer is now $11.00/hr for an average of 28 hrs/week. Minimum hrs required to work there is 16 hrs/week. NORC's contribution to your retirement is an amazing 8% annually, above the money you contribute per check. Management also hosts great events and often provides free food in celebration. Also, managers/supervisors reward employees with tokens that can be exchanged for gift cards, bags/pens/cups from NORC, and options for 'arrive late/leave early without penalty' to your attendance. Every employee is expected to maintain at least 85% attendance per month. HR Department is caring and super helpful with establishing sick leave, accomodations, employee complaints, etc.

What I dislike about the company

There's a bit of sexism where women receive lesser promotions to advance to Levels 2 & 3 of Telephone Interviewers where pay rates also increase. In 2+ yrs of working there I was awarded two pay increases, but never a promotion to Level 2 when 1-2 other women and mainly men got promoted. While working there I completed an average of 434 completed phone surveys, above everyone (give or take few top performers) but my name never appeared on the Top Performers billboards in the building. I was famous in a way with so many completes, but other than verbal praise from supervisors/management, I was never publicly recognized for it. Communication sometimes got blurred between projects, making it difficult for employees to work well. The job is actually the worst job for people who have anxiety or Autism and I have both. Talking to random hostile people on the phones became daunting quick. And gaining people's cooperation for the surveys was even more daunting as time went on.

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The following benefits were offered to me

Flex. working hours is offered Parking is offered Stock or equity options is offered 401(k) is offered Ability to work remotely is offered
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    National Opinion Research Center: NORC at the University of Chicago
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The following perks were offered to me

On site cafeteria is offered Employee events is offered Pet friendly/Pets allowed is offered