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Norfolk Public 

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I have been working for Norfolk Public Schools for 5 years and am pleased with my availability to grow. They support me

EmployeeWorked at Norfolk Public Schools in Norfolk, VA at the time of review.

What I like

Within my company, I have been able to do offsite training which allows me to be better at my job. While I am off doing this training, i am still being paid. I think it is great that our company pushes you to learn more about your specific job and encourages you to seek opportunities to grow.

What I dislike

There is not much for me to disapprove of with my company. I enjoy my time here.

Suggestions for improvement

I believe that cross-training would allow for more people to understand the workload of other people's jobs. In addition, knowing how to do multiple things would allow for no down-time when someone is out of the office.

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